Xbox Series X restock on confirmed GameStop date and time – here’s when


Update: The date and time of the next Xbox Series X restock is confirmed at GameStop this week, and if you follow our Xbox Series X replenishes Twitter tracker Matt Swider – track and activate notifications for alerts – you will know when the Microsoft Xbox console is in stock at all retailers in the United States. What is confirmed? On Thursday, October 7, we’ll see a GameStop Xbox Series X restock with the bundled Far Cary 6.

Our Twitter tracker alerts are needed for two reasons, even though GameStop has posted the official replenishment time: 11am EDT / 10am CDT / 9am MDT / 8am PDT. First, GameStop is almost never on time. Second, other stores will be getting the Xbox Series X in stock in October for MSRP, including Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. GameStop won’t be alone. If you miss GameStop, the Microsoft store often does an Xbox restock on Thursday nights.

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Important information

Never buy from other Twitter users – ever. These are all scams. Only buy from stores in the United States that Matt alerts you to. No one will sell an Xbox Series X for just $ 550.

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Directions to receive our Xbox alerts: Click this image from a previous Xbox Series X replenishment alert from Matt Swider and turn on Notifications (that little bell icon) for instant alerts.

Xbox Series X Replenishment

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Xbox Series X restocking news for Sunday, October 3

Finding the Xbox Series X in stock remains difficult, although Sony’s PS5 restock dates are getting all the attention. Why? Because although the Microsoft console stays in stock longer – as we track the dates, times and duration of replenishment at every U.S. retailer – there were far fewer replenishment opportunities in the second half of 2021 than others. new generation consoles.

Most restocking is done online, and that includes news about the GameStop Xbox Series X restocking with Far Cry 6. You won’t find it in GameStop stores. In fact, there has been only one GameStop Xbox restock in store in 2021 this summer and more recently at Best Buy having the Xbox Series X recently,

Xbox Series X restock date and time on GameStop

GameStop emailed its PowerUp Rewards Pro members, alerting them of an upcoming Xbox Series X restock. It looks like the Xbox Series S is also available, depending on the photo used, but the text doesn’t shape it. .

“A limited number of Xbox Series X Far Cry 6 packs will be available online,” according to GameStop’s email. The email has been sent to PowerUp Pro Rewards members and encourages people to “Go Pro” meaning the $ 15 / year barrier of entry will be required for first access, which we highly recommend as the retailer can sell out of the console.

GameStop quotes the date of Thursday October 7th and the time being 11am EDT / 10am CDT / 9am MDT / 8am PDT.

Why this Xbox Series X can sell out fast

This is great news if you’ve been looking for an Xbox Series X console for a few months (the first Xbox pre-orders increased over a year ago at this point).

GameStop packs in a must-have game, Far Cry 6, with the console. It’s unclear what other extras will be included, but the video game retailer often adds GameStop gift cards, Xbox Game Pass memberships, or even an additional Xbox Series X controller.

GameStop “Pro” subscription required for this restocking?

This is a question we always ask ourselves: will I need a GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription to get the Xbox Series X restocking on Thursday?

Yes and no. GameStop is offering “Early Access” to the Xbox Far Cry 3 Bundle. That doesn’t mean you’ll get access until 11:00 am EDT. Better than “early access”, you get “first access” starting at 11:00 am Xbox replenishment time. If there are any consoles left, usually after an hour, they will be up for grabs for non-Pro members.

But the price of the GameStop Pro subscription is $ 15 per year, not per month as many people suspect. You don’t have to get the $ 20 subscription (checked by default). This version comes with a print magazine instead of a digital copy. You can save $ 5 by replacing the $ 15 subscription.


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