Xbox Series X in stock now on Amazon – even though Microsoft is out of stock

Even the company that makes the console can’t get one (Photo: Microsoft)

For Halo Infinite’s first series of championships, Microsoft had to provide gamers with dev kits rather than retail Xbox Series X consoles.

You would think that, even with the stockouts, Microsoft would be able to get their hands on enough Xbox Series X consoles for a Halo Infinite tournament. You would be wrong.

It was revealed that for the inaugural Halo Infinite Championship Series tournament, which took place last weekend, Microsoft and 343 Industries had to provide competitors with Xbox Series X dev consoles, aka dev kits.

Thankfully, this didn’t seem to affect the tournament in a negative way and players were briefed ahead of time by Tashi, 343’s esports and audience leader on Twitter.

He wrote: “Watch out for open bracket players – you will be playing this weekend on the X-series development consoles. They are functionally identical and will work in ‘retail’ mode, so it’s exactly the same experience. , they just look a little different. Why? The global supply chain shortage is real.

Besides its popularity, the main reason for the Xbox Series X’s scarcity is due to a global shortage of chips, which in turn is due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This has not only affected the PlayStation 5, but also PCs and cellphones. Even the Nintendo Switch started to feel it, with Nintendo being forced to miss its production targets by 20%.

Ironically, at the time of writing, the Xbox Series X is back in stock on Amazon. In addition to the console alone, Amazon also sells packs with Far Cry 6 and Back 4 Blood.

You better act fast if you want one yourself or as a Christmas present to a friend / family member.

The Xbox Series S is also available, but it hasn’t been as rare as its more powerful and bigger sibling. Maybe that’s why Microsoft and 343 didn’t just use the Series S console for the tournament instead.

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