Windows 11 performance is a target for Microsoft in 2022


Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has been out for some time. Reception has not been too bad but it is clear that there are areas that need improvement. Aside from the bugs, some of which have not been fixed for weeks, performance seems to be one of the main concerns for users.

It would be too easy to blame only hardware or older devices that do not meet official Microsoft Windows 11 system requirements.

Game performance on AMD devices suffered from bugs when Windows 11 was released, and it took weeks to resolve the issue. The first patch released by Microsoft further reduced performance.

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Microsoft’s Windows developer team recently hosted a question-and-answer session on Reddit. One of the interesting elements to come out of this was the promise that performance will be an axis of development in 2022.

Performance will be an area of ​​focus for us in 2022. A lot of that focus will go to startup / launch performance; in terms of rendering UI elements to the screen (once the framework loaded), we tested the scalability of doing things like putting 10,000 buttons on the screen, etc. Most UI elements are already rendered fairly quickly, but that would be good to understand if there are any specific UI element scaling / slowness issues you are having and we could look at this specific scenario.

The team specifically mentions startup and launch performance in the post it posted, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only area that could see performance improvements in 2022.

Windows 11 insiders should check “Include performance data” when reporting performance issues in the Feedback Hub.

One way to help us is to launch Feedback Hub and catch a performance issue; there is a category in there for the desktop environment, then select the “All other issues” subcategory. You will see an “Include performance data” option when you report the problem – be sure to check this box.

We don’t know when the changes will land; a likely scenario is that these will be included in the next feature update for Windows 11. Microsoft plans to release a single feature update for Windows 11 (and Windows 10 as well).

The next Windows 11 feature update will be released in the second half of 2022. It’s a bit vague, but around October, it’s probably a good bet. October 2022 would give the team a full year of development.


Windows 11 performance is a target for Microsoft in 2022

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Windows 11 performance is a target for Microsoft in 2022

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Microsoft’s Windows developer team recently revealed that one of the main goals of Windows 11 development will be to improve performance in 2022.


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