Windows 11 might have a lot more pop-ups – but I hope Microsoft learned from Windows 10 errors



Windows 11 could see the introduction of a bunch of additional pop-ups, although that’s exactly what we’re currently seeing in operating system tests, and to be fair to Microsoft, the pop-ups in question just might. be useful for novice computer users.

What happened here is that a new preview of Windows 11 has been released (build 22458 to be precise) with a number of minor changes and things like fixing Start Menu reliability issues.

However, Windows 11 has a new revamped tips app that Microsoft is now encouraging people to try in the blog post announcing version 22458, asking for feedback in order to refine the tips provided and possibly add new ones ( there are already over 100 tips in place in the app, by the way). These are all aimed at helping users unfamiliar with the interface figure out how to do things easily, of course.

But as PC World spotted, Microsoft goes on to mention that help popups will not be limited to the Tips app with Windows 11, declaring: “And it doesn’t end there with the Tips app – you’ll notice tips appear in Windows 11 to help you discover new things as you go!” Check out the new Widget Board Tips widget, tips as a first-run experience, and tips for specific experiences in Windows 11. “

Analysis: One more step towards the Edge?

Of course, the useful tips that appear around the operating system in various contexts are far from a bad thing in and of themselves – certainly for novice users, as we have already touched on. These could be really useful additions, and obviously the testing should help make sure that nothing too intrusive happens here – you hope.

That said, a lot of more tech-savvy users won’t want any sort of context-sensitive help, so there will likely be a way to easily turn off all or rather all of the extra hints floating around the operating system outside of the hints. the application itself. If so, then obviously you’re fine (this might even be an option when you first set up Windows 11 – asking you if you might not want to be bothered with hint popups).

The danger here is that Microsoft’s track record of more intrusive or questionable pop-ups is not that great, as those that were tricked into downgrading to Windows 10 (when it was first released) from Windows 7 or 8.1 have will remember it without a doubt. And in case you are inclined to think that this kind of behavior is now a thing of the past, remember that much more recently Microsoft has been pushing its new Edge browser with some pretty exaggerated measures, including placing ads in the field. Windows 10 search.

Okay, so we shouldn’t be judging Microsoft’s efforts to make the Windows 11 desktop a more useful environment, but when it comes to contextual advice appearing “in Windows 11,” it’s hard not to at least be concerned. the way that is. will demonstrate. And indeed, while some of the operating system support will point out all you can do with the Edge browser these days (which, we might add, is an awesome browser, but obviously it’s not. not the subject).

We’re still testing all of this right now, of course, so whatever the current situation is with hints throughout Windows 11, that could (and probably will) change. It’s a safe bet that if Microsoft does start to overtake the mark in one way or another, the testers will let the company know, and hopefully the comments will be heard loud and clear.



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