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The UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has awarded a £ 33.6million contract to London-listed reseller Softcat for Microsoft software licenses and Azure cloud services.

The NDA, which is tasked with cleaning up the UK’s first nuclear sites safely, securely and, uh, cost-effectively, has signed the five-year agreement to support its “transformational changes to Microsoft products and cloud services, in particular with regard to training / development, optimization and cost management ”, according to a tender notice.

The NDA’s annual budget is £ 3.2bn to clean up the UK’s aging fleet of nuclear reactors, of which £ 2.4bn is government funded.

The Softcat agreement is under the umbrella of Crown Commercial Services (also known as RM6068) Technology Products and Related Services Framework Agreement, Lot 3 of Software and Related Services. All the lots in this deal were offered by the government in 2019, with a maximum price of £ 6.5bn, awarded in January 2020.

In April, Softcat was also one of 30 vendors to be named in an executive to compete for public sector contracts worth up to £ 1.2 billion for back office software.

The NDA is in the middle of a fight to demonstrate value for money. His most recent estimate is that it will cost current and future generations of taxpayers £ 132 billion to decommission civilian nuclear sites, with work not due to be completed for 120 years.

Among the challenges is the decommissioning of 10 former Magnox power plants, estimated to be between £ 6.9bn and £ 8.7bn, around £ 1.3bn to £ 3.1bn more than its previous estimate, according to a report by the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee of November 2020..

The committee also said that the Ministry of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy acknowledged that its “oversight of the NDA has been weak in the past” and praised the measures taken by the government to “provide oversight. stricter and improved governance “. ®


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