The 9 best alternatives to Thunderbird Mail


Thunderbird is one of the world’s most popular desktop email clients that works on both Windows and Mac. However, you might have found that Thunderbird is not quite for you.

If you’re looking for an email client alternative, here are nine of the best Thunderbird alternatives for Windows and Mac users.

1. Mailbox

An image showing the Postbox website

Letter box

Like Thunderbird, the Letter box The email client is also available for Windows and Mac users. Besides a customizable interface, this messaging app offers an array of useful features.

Its fast and advanced search function finds the email, file or image you are looking for. Thanks to its quick bar, access an e-mail with a single click.

It allows you to open multiple emails at once in multiple tabs. You can also mark folders as favorites for quick access. Data exchanges are encrypted, and you can use templates for sending emails.

To download: Mailbox for the Windows | macOS (To free)

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2. Mailbird

Mailbird is a feature-rich email client that offers a combination of powerful features and a clean interface for smooth online communication. The lifetime license of this app will cost you $ 49.

You can use repeat, send later, simple search, move emails to folders, etc., features for simplistic email management. This Windows-based tool also allows you to store personal and work emails separately.

An outstanding feature of this email client is its support for third-party integrations for efficient communication. You can use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Asana, Evernote, Todoist, Google Calendar, etc. in Mailbird.

To download: Mailbird for the Windows (To free)

3. Client eM

EM client is an alternative to Thunderbird with a less cluttered interface. Both Windows and Mac users can use this popular email client.

Individuals can use it free of charge for non-commercial use. However, you have to pay $ 49.95 all at once to use all of its features.

Some of the main features of this email client include:

  1. Advanced email and folder search.

  2. Automatic e-mail translation.

  3. Encrypted email.

  4. Tag and mark for the organization of the message.

  5. Blocking of remote images.

Besides email, this app also comes with instant messaging feature where you can also share attachments. It also allows you to customize the theme and layout as per your choice.

To download: EM client for the Windows (To free)

4. Spark

A visual showing the Spark email website


Spark is a well-known messaging app that you can use for free. Whether you are using Mac, Windows, iOS or Android, it will give you quality service with attractive features.

Its smart inbox highlights unread emails and also filters newsletters to bring flagged messages to the top. It also has the quick reply option which saves you time.

It filters unwanted emails from view and allows you to perform precise queries using advanced search. You can also attach multiple files from the cloud in an email.

To download: Spark for macOS | ios (To free)

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5. Airmail

Air mail screenshot

Are you a Mac user who also wants to access emails from your mobile device? To try Airmail–A sophisticated email client available on Mac and iOS. You can use it for free. However, to take advantage of all of its features, you need to purchase its license starting at $ 2.99 / month.

You can add any number of email accounts in this app, while its unified inbox will let you view all your emails in one place. During deep work, you can snooze your inbox for uninterrupted focus.

Its later scheduling feature will allow you to schedule an email anytime. You can use this email as a task manager by marking your emails as To Do, Memo, and Done.

To download: Airmail for macOS | ios (To free)

6. The bat!

The bat!  Screenshot

If your main goal is privacy and security instead of simplicity, The bat! should be your choice.

This Windows-based messaging app uses encryption protocols like PGP, GnuPG, and S / MIME to protect your data from theft or leaks. Therefore, if you are a journalist or are very security conscious, go for it.

A configurable MailTicker is the main functionality of this mail client. It looks like a ticker, runs on the desktop, and notifies you of any upcoming emails. Its other highlighted features are RSS feed subscriptions, mail filter, secure attachments, etc.

This app offers its service for free for a 30-day trial period, during which you have to purchase its license which starts at $ 49.99.

To download: The bat! for the Windows (To free)

7. MailMate

MailMate is an influential email client for Mac users. This stylish tool allows you to send plain text emails. However, you can add formatting using its markdown editor. Some people might find this email to be the perfect choice for this reason.

By clicking on any email address in the header section of the email, you can check all of your correspondence with that email on your screen. Likewise, clicking on a subject will allow you to see all emails with the same subject line.

It also has robust features like rules and smart folders that make the whole process of email management easier. It will cost you $ 49.99 to use all of its features.

To download: MailMate for macOS (To free)

A visualization of the Outlook email website


Microsoft Outlook is the Microsoft 365 email service delivery tool.

You can easily customize this feature rich app with addons to get the most out of it. It keeps getting new features with every update, and that’s why it’s one of the best Thunderbird alternatives available today.

It has an interface that looks like other Microsoft Office products like Word and Excel. Its one-click ribbon opens all the most commonly used features of this messaging app. Now you can also translate emails to over 70 languages ​​in Outlook.

The tool endorses better inbox management with a search bar that lets you find anything in your Outlook email account. You can also annotate an email image in its interface.

An image showing the Roundcube website

Round cube

RoundCube is an open source webmail that uses an external web server and works as a desktop application. This free browser-based email client uses IMAP technology but offers an intuitive interface.

In this app, you will get all the common features of a proficient email client, including plugin customization, address book, data privacy, spell check, MIME support, message search, etc.

Organizing folders and managing emails become easy with the drag and drop editing feature of this email app. It is available in over 80 languages. It also offers a threaded conversion view and multi-device support.

This webmail uses additional layers of defense to protect you against brute force login attempts. Additionally, you can use a pre-designed response template to respond with a pre-written one-click response.

Transparent and efficient messaging service

Using a desktop email client like Thunderbird Mail is a great way to keep your critical data on your local system. Now that you know the main attributes of some Thunderbird alternatives, choosing one from the list becomes easy.

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