Summary of SD Times news: version 5 of GrapeCity Documents, Tempo acquires ALM Works; Microsoft Graph Bookings API Update


GrapeCity, provider of enterprise software development tools, today announced the release of GrapeCity Documents v5. This latest release brings new features to users in all products of the GrapeCity Document API Suite.

GrapeCity Documents APIs are supported in .NET 6 applications without additional steps to generate documents. Additionally, the GrapeCity Documents API supports features that are independent of Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word.

This release brings new SVG support in GrapeCity Documents for PDF and GrapeCity Documents for Imaging, allowing developers to have more control over the appearance of the image in SVG format. With this, users can create, load, inspect and modify the internal structure of an SVG image.

Tempo acquires ALM Works

Tempo Software, a provider of team time management and productivity improvement solutions, recently announced the acquisition of ALM Works, a project management solution and developer of the Structure for Jira software suite.

This combination makes it easier for project managers to understand whether initiatives are on track and achieving goals. This helps provide organizations with the visibility they need to move from strategy to day-to-day execution, make informed decisions, and share progress with leaders and shareholders.

In combination with the recent acquisition of Roadmunk by Tempo, the addition of ALM Works further strengthens its strategic portfolio management offering. This helps meet the growing needs of distributed product organizations that need to project, plan, and adapt based on data and information.

Microsoft Graph Bookings API Update

Microsoft recently announced the launch of key new features added to the Microsoft Graph Bookings APIs. These features include SMS notifications, online meetings, group meetings, and personalized questions.

Currently, the SMS notification feature in the Booking API is only available to users in the United States and Canada on booking calendars created in the NAM region. SMS notifications can be activated for a reservation service as well as at the level of a reservation appointment.

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