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Microsoft has long been a major player in the world of technology, impacting the lives of people of all ages, from childhood education to career aspirations. The ramifications of this company’s growth are evident in day-to-day life, and those with a deep understanding of Microsoft programs can put themselves in an enviable position, whether it’s looking for a new job or securing consistent results.

The Complete Microsoft Windows, 365, and Teams Certification Training Bundle brings together the best of Microsoft in one great package, and for a limited time, it’ll cost you a fraction of the usual price. Normally sold for $2,065, current savings drop to just $59. And this deal gets even better.

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During our “Your Bundle, Your Way” campaign, customers can combine items from a collection of best-selling bundles and save more money in the process. Bundle two products, ranging from apps, software and online courses, and get 20% off with the coupon code YOUR PATH20. Or bundle three products and save 30% on the total by entering the promo code YOUR WAY30.

Get unlimited access to over 120 hours of content designed to power your abilities with Microsoft programs and tools. Familiarize yourself with certification exam concepts and become a proficient desktop administrator, or dive into the principles of Microsoft Cloud Services through 365, learn up-to-date security policies, and confidently manage a Microsoft Teams infrastructure to boost Communication.

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These assets are highly valued by employers and can be a separating factor when it comes to applying for a job. Rather than investing thousands of dollars in a formal education setting that confines students to a rigid classroom schedule and environment, work at a pace that fits your lifestyle and focus on the subject that matters. matters the most.

Each course carries a rating of at least 4.3 stars out of five, and lifetime access ensures you’re always able to go back for a refresher as new challenges and questions surface.

For a limited time, purchase the complete Microsoft Windows, 365, and Teams Certification Training Bundle for just $59 (reg. $2,065) and consider taking advantage of our “Your Bundle, Your Way” offers.

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Prices subject to change.


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