OG Xbox 360 Fans Receive Disappointing News From Microsoft


Longtime fans of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console might be disappointed with a new update from the company. When the Xbox 360 first launched in 2005, it came with an early version of the Xbox Dashboard that fans dubbed the “Blades”. The Xbox 360 and subsequent Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles went on to feature many different dashboard iterations, it was this Blades setup that continued to resonate with fans well over a decade later. And while fans hoped that the Blades would one day return in a new guise, sadly, those at Microsoft have made it clear that isn’t going to happen.

In a recent conversation on the Official Xbox Podcast, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (also known to Xbox fans as Major Nelson) addressed ongoing demands to see the Xbox 360 Blades format return to Xbox Series X. While Hyrb seemed to speak highly of what Blades offered for the time, he said that visual style wouldn’t work with the Xbox ecosystem these days.

“No, you can’t get the Blades back,” Hyrb told fans directly when discussing future updates to the ongoing scoreboard. “They were lovely, they were nice, but you can’t get them back because they don’t adapt, as they say in the business, to what we want to do.”

In short, it’s not a huge shock and it’s hard to disagree with what Hyrb said. While the Blades were great on Xbox 360, they also existed at a time when the digital ecosystem on Xbox hadn’t really taken off. With modern new features like Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, and a litany of social aspects now present on Xbox consoles, it’s hard to see how they could work within the Blades structure. While Blades was great for its time, it looks like Xbox fans are going to have to accept that this dashboard is officially a thing of the past.

Do you think the Xbox 360 Blades dashboard style could now work on current Xbox consoles? And what do you think of the existing Xbox Dashboard that Microsoft is now using? Be sure to let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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