MOME for the benefit of Microsoft partners


Microsoft partners can now sell and manage services from one place with Microsoft Online Management Extension (MOME) on Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace powered by CloudBlue technology.

“The automated management solution takes on a whole new meaning with the introduction of the Microsoft Online Management Extension (MOME) integration in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace,” said David Smith, Vice President, Global Channel Sales, Microsoft Corp. “Our organizations have a long history of collaborating, learning from each other and prioritizing customer needs with improvements and teamwork along the way. We are excited to see the increased capabilities of our Microsoft partners at Ingram Micro Cloud and look forward to seeing the positive impact that follows.

Benefits of MOME for MSPs

MOME uses data from Microsoft Customer’s Azure Active Directory tenants to provide new tenant management, domain management, and security score services that help managed service providers (MSPs) in the following ways.

Customer management: Resellers can have direct access to customer accounts as MOME brings Microsoft Partner Center functionality into Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

Domain management: MOME comes with automated domain registration and management features. This eliminates the laborious and error-prone process of manually connecting and registering customer domains.

Secure Score: MOME is used to assess Secure Scores, assigned by Microsoft to customer accounts, by verifying the customer’s adherence to Microsoft Security Best Practices. MOME can help improve Microsoft Secure Scores which can prevent fraudulent use of the Services by malicious entities.

“The integration of MOME continues a long-term Ingram Micro Cloud strategy to help our partners grow faster and be more profitable. Working closely with Microsoft and actively listening to our channel partners, this enhancement to the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace delivers the most efficient cross-platform process and “one-screen” workflow.” actions John Dusett, Executive Director of Cloud Services, USA. “We’re excited to share more direct management paths for our Microsoft partners as we continue to add features and services that our partners can leverage to grow faster.”

Customers control the use of their data through MOME’s self-contained customer consent mechanism. This allows users to choose what data they want to share with partners. Customers can also use Microsoft delegated administrative privileges to restrict or revoke partner access.

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