Microsoft Weekly: Windows 11 releases, new zero-day vulnerability, and gaming news

Another week has passed and a lot has happened in Microsoft’s world. There were new versions of Windows 11 for the Dev and Beta channels, information about another updated application for the operating system came from Windows chief Panos Panay, a few vulnerabilities were reported – including a zero day that affects all versions of Windows, a few security fixes, and a bunch of gaming news. Find out all of this and more in our weekly Microsoft roundup from September 5-11.

Windows 11 versions, new applications and renowned service

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As expected, Microsoft has released new versions of Windows 11 for Dev and Beta channel users. While Dev channel users got build 22454, beta channel users got build 22000.184. The Dev Channel version made some minor UI improvements, such as a modern context menu for the recycle bin and more. It also included a ton of bug fixes, something the beta channel didn’t see as these users received a few fixes to resolve translation inconsistencies. The company did note, however, that fixes made as part of building the development channel will be released in the stable version as service updates after the operating system is released on October 5, which seems odd. Additionally, Dev Channel users who wanted to perform a clean install could download new ISO images of version 22454.

The week also brought news of a refresh of the Photos app, a welcome addition for those who were hoping the built-in app would look better and richer in features. Of course, another expectation is that the app brings much-needed reliability and performance improvements. Whether this is the case remains to be seen, as the app has yet to start rolling out.

Speaking of refreshments, Microsoft has announced a new image of its news service as Microsoft Start. The new service doesn’t bring many additions or features, and the rebranding is applied across all platforms, including the web, Windows, and mobile apps. In the area of ​​updates, there is also a new version of Edge 95 for the Dev channel. It doesn’t contain a lot of new features, as it is still a first release of major version 95.

For those who are still hesitant to install versions of Windows 11 on their machines, we’ve looked at the various components of the operating system and documented them in our Closer Look series. This week, we reviewed the enhancements and changes to the Virtual Desktop experience in Windows 11 and compared them to those in Windows 10. And to build excitement for the upcoming operating system, Microsoft has released a new announcement on YouTube and also talks about how the operating system makes the most of the new hardware.

Windows zero-day vulnerability, Outlook bug and Azure patch

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A few security issues have been reported this week, the most significant being zero day in Windows which may allow specially tailored Office files to allow attackers to execute code remotely. Microsoft acknowledged the vulnerability, adding that it is currently being exploited in the wild. The company said it is working on a fix and plans to release a fix soon. Zero-day affects all versions of Windows dating back to Windows 7 and the corresponding Windows Server version.

Another security vulnerability affected users of Outlook, where a bug had the potential to falsely flag phishing emails as genuine, thanks to the service not filtering Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) credentials. While the company denied that it intended to fix the problem to the researcher who discovered it, it appeared that the company changed its mind and fixed the issue, which is always a good thing.

On the bright side, the Redmond firm has changed the way Microsoft 365 applications handle trusted documents to make them more secure. Now, trusted documents no longer override Protected View restrictions and adhere to predefined policies. Another fix – this time affecting commercial customers – came in the form of a fix for a vulnerability in the Azure Container Instances (ACI) service. The problem was likely to cause data leaks in the same clusters, but the company quickly noted that it had found no indication of active exploits.

Halo Infinite next multiplayer preview, Alan Wake remastered screenshots, and more

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Starting the roundup of the games of the week is a news on Halo Infinite next multiplayer preview, which begins September 24. However, the registration deadline is approaching with the date set for September 13th. Eligible people will receive invitations on the PC and Xbox platforms. Regarding the changes, 343 Industries has detailed the adjustments it plans to make based on the technical comments.

For those who are excited Alan Wake remastered, screenshots of the game have appeared on Amazon UK, showing the noticeable visual improvements. Xbox coverage of the list also hinted that the title runs in 4K, but the specifics of frame rates are not yet known.

A wide gaze on Marvel’s Midnight Suns also came this week in the form of visceral sequences. Considering the footage is of the game in its alpha stages, the animations and visuals still weren’t polished but gave a better look at the villains. Fallout 76 The worlds update has also started rolling out, bringing in both public and custom worlds. However, only Fallout 1st subscribers will be able to host custom worlds. Fortunately, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive a Fallout 1st subscription for one month. Bethesda also acknowledged an issue with the Season 5 rankings, which is why it extended the season by two weeks.

Square Enix unveiled the Fall and Winter 2021 roadmap for Marvel Avengers, noting that it is working to address player concerns and make improvements to equipment, resources, and cosmetics. He also confirmed that PS4 and PS5 users will be able to experience Spider Man in some months. However, this title is exclusive to the mentioned Sony consoles.

As for Microsoft’s game subscriptions, this week’s deals with gold included big game discounts from BioShock, Borders, and Dragon ball franchisees. Plus, this week’s Xbox Free Play Days games included Madden NFL 22, Tom clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and Blasphemous.

For Forza Horizon 5 fans, we have listed the current list of cars confirmed by Turn 10 Studio, which has more than 400. Cars like BMW and Tesla are obvious omissions and it is not known if they are expected later. This week we also released a list of all 120FPS games on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 (PS5).

To finish the news of the game, it’s Flight simulator next global update. This time, the countries of Central Europe are receiving love, especially Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As usual, there are a bunch of new airports, new bush trips, landing challenges and Discovery flights, as well as overall visual improvements in these countries.

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windows 11 no internet

When Windows 11 started being offered to testers, it was discovered that Windows 11 Home users could not complete the setup process without an internet connection. We found a workaround, which was quickly fixed. Now, there is yet another way around this block, which we have detailed in our guide here. Many thanks to the member of Neowin warwagon for sharing the method with us.

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