Microsoft Viva Connections Coming in Consumer Preview


Microsoft hosted a hybrid work event over the weekend. While Sunday is a relatively unusual day for an event, the company had something big to announce. Specifically, the Microsoft Viva Connections service is coming in public preview.

If you are not familiar with Microsoft Viva, it is a new employee experience platform made up of several components. Microsoft 365 underpins the Viva experience, which aims to deliver a suite of tools across learning, resources, ideas, knowledge and communications.

Viva Connections is just one component of the platform, which so far also includes Viva Topics, Viva Learning and Viva Insights. In February, Microsoft launched Viva Learning, and at Ignite 2021 in March, Microsoft announced that Viva would be previewing soon.


Since then, Viva Connections has only been available for SharePoint clients. The second, Viva Insights, launched in public preview the same month to give organizations actionable insights into team productivity. Viva Learning premiered in April, while Viva Topics provides the backbone of data analysis for Project Alexandria.


Update preview

Viva Connections is now available for broader customers beyond SharePoint. With the public preview, the service is coming to mobile and desktop. For the PC version, Microsoft is making some changes to what we saw on the SharePoint version.

Viva Connections acts as a bridge between companies and their employees. It is part of Microsoft Teams and allows a login to give employees access to important content.

The company provides the following information regarding the Connections overview:

  • “Experience of the Viva Connections mobile application – This is the first look at the mobile experience for Viva Connections. It presents the dashboard, flow, and resource tabs and brings these experiences together into a personalized and actionable welcome base for employees. Once activated, the Viva Connections app is available to your employees directly from the Teams app, both on mobile and desktop.
  • Viva Connections Office – This updated version of the desktop experience streamlines installation and deployment for admins in the Microsoft Teams admin center. New dashboard and flow web parts allow customers to have consistency between mobile and desktop experiences. For organizations using the existing version of the Viva Connections desktop, learn about the differences and how to upgrade to this version.
  • Dashboard Web Part – In the dashboard, employees can find useful resources and actionable tasks, such as submitting expense reports, accessing benefits, requesting time off, or checking health checks to return to the office.
  • Stream web part – The feed provides a single, personalized view where employees can explore news and participate in conversations from across the organization, keeping people connected. It brings together relevant news and discussions about Microsoft 365 services to keep people informed and allow them to easily participate, add value, and share their unique perspective and expertise.

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