Microsoft uses informational tags to make the Xbox Game Store more accessible



If you have already browsed the library of games available to you on Xbox Game Pass, or looking for something to buy on the Xbox game store, and wondered what the captioning options would be before you buy to find out there’s no way to find out this kind of information, Microsoft hears you.

Xbox Director of Accessibility Anita Mortaloni announced that Xbox is in the process of adding accessibility tags to its digital store. The purpose of the new tags is to make it easier and clearer for disabled gamers to know if a game has settings that let them know which games they can play.

In an article on Xbox Wire, Mortaloni kicked off a month-long celebration of accessible play on Xbox with the news that the new “Accessibility” tab in the Store Details section is coming soon.

“For years the number one question we’ve been getting from the Gaming & Disability community has been ‘how do I know which games I can play? “” says Mortaloni in the post. “This is an important question because it can be difficult for gamers to know before purchasing a game if it has the accessibility features they need.”

As such, accessibility feature tags (formerly known as accessibility metadata tags) are coming to the Microsoft Store on Xbox, which will display the accessibility features available in each game so you can make informed decisions beforehand. to buy or download. These 20 labels tell you whether accessible features like commented game menus, subtitle options, input remapping, full keyboard support, and single stick gameplay will appear in a game.

It sounds like a small thing, but having this information handy right in the store – without having to get details from Google or download the game first – is time-saving and incredibly useful for people with disabilities.

“We know that beyond these 20 accessibility features, there are other features that our community would like to see indicated on games,” continues Mortaloni. “In the future, we hope to add more tags, while making sure not to add as many tags as it becomes confusing. Game accessibility feature tags will also be available on, the Xbox app on PC, and Xbox Game. Pass applications in the next few months. “



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