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Should your business use Microsoft Teams?

At, we do lots of research about business resources that can help your business grow. One of our main focus is web conferencing software like Microsoft Teams, as remote teams increasingly rely on this type of technology to maintain productivity. So, do we think Microsoft Teams is right for the average business?

Our research shows that Microsoft Teams is a solid option for businesses, offering plenty of collaboration features as well as web conferencing tools. Plus, it comes with lots of updates, which can seriously improve functionality over time.

It should be noted that Microsoft Teams is best suited for large teams, especially those who already use Microsoft 365 for other business needs. All the features can be a bit daunting, especially if all you need is a video chat platform.

If you need ease of use more than anything, we recommend going with Zoom Where Google Meet In place. They are both very easy to use, offer excellent audio and video quality, and integrate with the majority of other platforms. Yet you and your business would be negligent if you didn’t at least investigate the value of Microsoft Teams before committing elsewhere.


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