Microsoft Teams Update Introduces Quiet Time Feature


Microsoft has revealed that it plans to add additional functions to its Microsoft Teams platform, offering tools that can help manage time effectively and reduce the risk of work life encroaching on personal time.

These new features are part of Microsoft’s Viva, which is already built into Teams, but these additional wellness tools are expected to be added next month.

There’s no denying the role video conferencing has played in the pandemic, and Microsoft can’t be blamed for its constant rollout of new features for its platform.

What is Microsoft Viva?

Viva was launched earlier this year as a tool to help remote workers and businesses. It has four main components; Connections, topics, learning and perspectives.

Connections is, as the name suggests, for communicating with coworkers, as well as a place to find company information such as benefits. It is also designed for use by newcomers to the business, a central resource for finding information. Microsoft itself calls it “the gateway to your digital workplace”.

The next step is learning. No price to guess the intention of this module. It is, of course, designed for educational and skill building resources.

Topics is a knowledge hub for everything important to the business, and is touted as a kind of “internal Wikipedia”. It uses AI to bring up relevant information, as well as links to videos and related people.

Finally, there is Insights. This generates data for managers on the productivity of their teams, although all data is designed to be anonymous and individuals cannot be identified. It’s also a resource for employees to use wellness tools, such as the Headspace meditation app, and it’s this functionality that is being extended and added to Teams.

What features will Viva Insights add to teams?

Viva Insights is already part of the Teams experience, but thanks to an update to the Teams roadmap, we now know that the Insights part is going to be integrated more and that new features will be added.

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