Microsoft Teams is not adding this terrible feature yet


Video call users around the world may have breathed a big sigh of relief after the delayed launch of Filters for Microsoft Teams.

The company was working on a new feature for its online collaboration platform which would have allowed users to customize their appearance before joining a video conference to call.

The tool was slated to launch sometime in 2021, but its Microsoft 365 roadmap entry, simply titled “Microsoft Teams: Video Filters,” now has a March 2022 release date.

Lights, camera, filters

The roadmap entry explains that Teams users will soon have access to a number of different video filters, which will give them the ability to move up and down certain aspects of their stream.

“Before joining a meeting, you can use filters to subtly adjust lighting levels and smooth facial features to personalize your appearance,” Microsoft wrote.

The company first announced plans to introduce Microsoft Teams video filters over the past summer, before targeting a release window from August 2021 through today’s update.

He added that the feature could prove useful for a wide range of users, especially those working in a dimly lit home office or using a poor quality computer. webcam.

Filters are also already present in competing offerings like Google Meet, which recently revealed a new settings panel to help you and your workspace look the best it can be when participating in video calls.

With the new Google Meet settings panel, users will be able to quickly access effects like background blur, background images, and styles before and during a video call.

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