Microsoft Skype will be updated with new themes, grid view and other features


Skype, the popular video calling app, is launching new features to improve the app. In the future, users will enjoy improved, reliable and faster performance. The company says it has closely analyzed user feedback and is implementing changes in the coming months. Following the updates, Skype will be updated and modernized. Read on to learn more about the upcoming changes to Skype.

Among all other features, the call step in Skype will be updated. The grid that shows user details during video calls is supposed to include everyone during an update call. It doesn’t matter whether users have their video enabled or not. This may imply that a passive thumbnail can replace a video stream when it is disabled. The update will put all participants in a video call as virtual tiles.

Microsoft is planning a big update for Skype

Microsoft also plans to add new layouts and themes to the interface. It would give users the customization they need that the video calling app has long lacked. Other apps like Google Duo and Apple Facetime are much more user-friendly than Skype, and that’s why Microsoft is adding new features to them. In the future, users will have the option to choose between a grid view, a speaker view, a large gallery, a content view, and a whole view.

New themes for Microsoft Skype will include gradients, improved side panels, Fluent design, icons, and colorful gradients for in-app avatars. Avatars will help users to differentiate chats because an avatar is unique and customizable by a user. While some of the new features are already rolling out in the app, the remaining new Skype features will be rolling out soon. However, it may take a few months for the feature to fully release.

One of the features already present in the Skype video calling app is the personalized notification sound. Additionally, there is a new TwinCam feature that allows users to add their phone’s camera to a video call from the desktop. The functionality will help a lot of users, because the cameras installed on laptops or the secondary cameras for desktops are not of the same quality as a smartphone. TwinCam functionality will be launched soon.


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