Microsoft releases PowerToys v0.57.0 – and it’s a huge update


Microsoft has released the latest update to its PowerToys utility collection, complete with a huge changelog. Bringing the software up to version 0.57.0, the latest release brings many improvements to PowerToys Run as well as the ever-popular FancyZones.

With PowerToys v0.57.0, Microsoft has taken steps to address an issue with Outlook PDF previews. There are also updates for ColorPicker, Always on Top, Video Conference Mute and more.

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In fact, almost every utility in the PowerToys suite received an update with this release, but it was PowerToys Run that received the most attention.

Microsoft says this release cycle has a strong focus on stability and there is a long list of changes in this update. Pulling out some highlights, the company states:

  • PowerToys Run quality pass. Old issues have been reassessed and fixed.
  • Additional features and improvements have been added to existing PowerToys Run plugins.
  • New plugin for time and date values/information in PowerToys Run. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • The PowerToys Run documentation also receives a required update. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • We save svgs as an image type when SVG thumbnails are enabled so that they appear when searching for images in File Explorer.
  • We have disabled PDF preview by default, given its incompatibilities with Outlook and the fact that Edge is now also registered to preview PDF files on Windows 10.
  • From a coding quality perspective, every project now has an active code analyzer. Thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!
  • A double click on the tray icon is required instead of a single click to open the settings.

But that’s really only scratching the surface. The full changelog for PowerToys v0.57.0 looks like this:

Always on top


  • Fixes for system tray icon. Thanks @dend!
  • Temporary duration presets are now configurable. Thanks @dend!
  • Fixed an issue preventing Awake from closing properly. Thanks @dend!

color picker

  • It is now possible to delete multiple colors from the history and also export them to a file. Thanks @mshtang!
  • The CIEXYZ format has increased accuracy. Thanks @m13253!
  • Improved performance by reducing the use of low-level keyboard hooks.


  • Fixed a bug where the same layout applied with different configurations to different screens would reset to a single configuration. (It was a fix for 0.56)
  • When capturing windows with rounded corners in Windows 11, set the correct corner preferences to avoid gaps between areas. Thanks @hallatore!
  • Fixed canvas layout resetting due to resolution changes.

File Explorer

  • Added additional Markdown file extensions for Markdown Preview. Thanks @skycommand!
  • SVGs are now registered as an image type on Windows.
  • Added text wrap setting and copy context menu in dev file preview. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!
  • PDF file preview and thumbnails are now disabled by default, due to incompatibility with Outlook, and an appropriate warning is displayed in settings.

Mouse Utility

  • Locate My Mouse has a new setting to specify a minimum distance for activation. (It was a fix for 0.56)
  • Fixed the bug causing the taskbar to hide behind other windows when a mouse utility was active.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented shortcuts set to icons from activating when a mouse utility was active.
  • Fixed slight lag in mouse pointer reticle when configured with odd thickness.

PowerToys Race

  • New plugin for time and date values/information. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • WindowWalker now has tooltip, additional features like stop process and close window, additional settings and improvements. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • The unit converter now accepts other ways of writing feet and gallons. Also interprets as Imperial or American gallons depending on the current culture. Thanks @yifan-k!
  • The unit converter now accepts meter for meter.
  • Localization for web search and unit converter (without units) has been enabled.
  • Localization for Windows Terminal has been enabled. (It was a fix for 0.56)
  • The calculator now tries to always interpret the period symbol (.) as a decimal separator, despite the configured culture, to meet expectations.
  • The calculator now correctly handles trailing zeros on hexadecimal numbers.
  • The system commands plugin can now display local IP and Mac addresses. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Folder plugin has improved results, with improved tooltips. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • The Windows Settings plugin added entries for the Connect Wiring screen saver and display panel. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Plugins can now display descriptions of their configurations in settings. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • Fixed focus issue when calling PowerToys Run for the first time after login and after returning from some windows.
  • Fixed a bug on the program when creating a shortcut.
  • Validated that upgrading to .net framework 6 fixed the error appearing when shutting down the system with PowerToys Run running.

Mute videoconference

  • Newly added microphones are now updated and tracked by VCM.


  • What’s new button at the bottom with a new look, with some additional UI changes. Thank you @niels9001!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented settings from opening when a race condition prevented keyboard handler settings from reading correctly.
  • To open Settings from the tray icon, a double-click is required instead of a single click.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the update check to run indefinitely.
  • When auto-updating, pass a flag to avoid restarting unprompted.


  • Dependency installers are now run with /norestart to avoid nuisance restarts. (It was a fix for 0.56). Thank you @franky920920!
  • Upgraded .net framework dependency to version 6.0.3.
  • Installer logs are now saved where they can be collected and sent by the bug reporting tool.
  • Rolled back changes to start with proper elevation and when installed under a different user, as these changes ended up causing more issues where PowerToys would start working with the wrong user.


  • Refactoring of the OOBE code to have all the module information in XAML, as in the parameters. Thank you @niels9001!
  • Every project now has parsers enabled and warnings fixed. Thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!
  • New patterns added for code spell checking and removal of obsolete entries. Thank you @jsoref
  • Additional logging has been added to Fancy Zones and PowerToys Run.
  • A new version of CI will not be triggered if all that was changed was just documentation.
  • Fixed a race condition causing erratic build errors when building PowerRename.
  • Centralization of common csproj/vcxproj settings in progress. Thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!

You can download PowerToys v0.57.0 here, or use the update option in the version you already have installed.


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