Microsoft Paint, Photos and other apps in stock may have new designs

Windows 11, the successor to Windows 10, is slated for release in October. The new iteration builds on the same basic architecture as the previous iteration, but Microsoft is paying attention to things like the “new Windows subsystem for Android”, access to widgets from the taskbar, functionality Xbox type, etc. Made a change that should be made. According to the latest report, Microsoft has redesigned almost all of the old features, including Photos, Calculator, Office, and even Paint. Read Again – Windows 11 is now in a “safe” beta, allowing Dev Channel users to switch

Windows 11: Microsoft Paint, Photos, Office, Notepad can be a new design

Most recent windows Recently, we have come up with new designs for Microsoft stock apps like clock, voice recorder, calculator, desktop, notepad, photos, and paint. Windows 11 .. To match the aesthetic of the new version, the MS Paint and Photos application can remove the traditional ribbon menu in the Fluent header, which is similar to the new file explorer. According to the images shared in the post, Microsoft Paint in Windows 11 has a simplified toolbar. The Undo / Redo button is in the header[ファイル]and[表示]It will be displayed next to the option. The redesign also adds a simple icon for performing basic tasks. Redmond-based companies can make these changes so that the latest Windows operating system is compatible with the latest machines. Read again – be careful! Rogue Windows 11 installers can infect your PC: Tips to keep it safe

Speaking of the Microsoft Photo app, Most recent windows He indicates that there will be new interfaces and improvements. The MS Photos app is said to have new editing tools that float above the images, similar to those found in Android and iOS apps. The new Outlook is also said to be working. Additionally, applications that include the Microsoft Teams client for Windows 11 can be based on Microsoft Edge Web Viewer. Read again – Windows 11 release could take place in October 2021, but your PC may be unlucky

Regarding the output, Most recent windows Citing a new document from Microsoft, the next Windows operating system will be released between October and November.

“Partners seeking compatibility with systems shipped in versions of Windows 11, version 21 H2 can factory install drivers for components compatible with Windows 10, version 2004 through September 24, 2021.” Most recent windows).

Microsoft has updated Windows 11 stock apps. In the coming weeks for 11 user feedback. Report says that an update for manual installation on supported devices could be released in October 2021 and could be further deployed early next year.

Microsoft Paint, Photos and other apps in stock may have new designs

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