Microsoft Outlook on the web will become more exciting for emoji lovers


A few months ago, we announced that Microsoft would be adding feedback support to its Outlook iOS and Android clients in February. The company is always committed to releasing the feature on time, but what’s even more exciting is that those using Outlook on the web won’t feel left out as the Redmond giant has promised to add more. reactions to the web client.

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, Microsoft has confirmed that Outlook on the web will get more reactions than the thumbs-up icon. In other words, you will also be able to respond to emails with love, celebration, laughter, surprise, or sadness, and of course, you have the existing ability to respond to an email with a thumbs-up. According to the roadmap page, this feature will arrive in Outlook on the web next month, in February.

The roadmap page also says it will be a targeted release, meaning not all users of Microsoft’s web-based email client will be able to see the feature in action next month. The company may also release the feature to Office Insiders first before making it available to the general public.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t know exactly when the feature will roll out in February. Microsoft is very likely to make the reaction feature available to all of its Outlook clients at once. However, unlike the web client, Outlook for iOS and Android will get the functionality through an app update.

Do you find the ability to respond to emails useful without having to send incremental messages? Let us know in the comments.

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