Microsoft Office on Mac users get new cloud storage integrations


Microsoft has introduced a new update that puts the “Connected Accounts” instead of the previous “Add a place” option available in the Open menu. Additionally, the main feature of the update remains the same and is currently only available to MS Office Insiders testers. Microsoft’s option to add, as well as remove, any cloud storage account is nothing new, however, the interface now resembles the MS Office app on smartphones.

MS Office Insider Program

Users subscribed to Microsoft’s Office Insider program can check out the updated interface on their systems. Office Insider Program by Microsoft is a special service that provides users with early access to all the features introduced in the MS Office software line such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and others. This subscription-based model assistance Microsoft in constant development, as well as offers excellent support for Google’s cloud storage as well as extensive collaboration options.

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Sync Microsoft Cloud Storage on MAC

MS Office used to work fine with a cloud storage service installed on your system, however, new cloud storage updates for Mac might be an improvement for some users.

When accessing MS Office On your Mac, there is an “Add a location” option at the top of the initial window screen that allows users to connect their OneDrive, as well as SharePoint accounts.

This feature provides access to your documents stored online and removes the need to download additional cloud synchronization options to the PC or laptop.

Also, the most important factor is that MS Office will upload any changes you make to the linked cloud account.

Other updates

Microsoft has even implemented cloud storage box support and will continue to do so for other third-party cloud storage services in the future.

This year, Microsoft also celebrated OneDrive 15th anniversary and introduces a new redesign as well as features. As a result, the new OneDrive landing page helps users track their work efficiently. It includes filters, a list of viewed files, an Activity column, a Quick Access section and much more. The changes are not yet deployed and will be introduced later this year.

Integrating reliable cloud storage with MS Office promotes seamless collaborations, provides streamlined workflow, and offers frictionless security. All of these factors are crucial for a smooth flow of information and hassle-free sharing of data from your online cloud storage. The new connected accounts update can be seen in MS office version 16.64 (22082100) and later.

Microsoft is waiting to remove and fix all technical bugs, and make sure the interface is easy to use before shipping it to Mac MS Office users. Currently, there is no major announcement on when the Windows MS Office version will also get this update. (c)


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