Microsoft may be working on a new foldable Arc mouse


As foldable phones slowly but steadily become a regular feature, is it time to focus on other accessories that can be folded up to become easy to carry? At least Microsoft seems to think so.

According to a patent filed by Microsoft, the company could work on a new generation Arc mouse. The Arc mouse itself is extremely thin, light, and users can bend it while working. However, in its new avatar, the new Arc Mouse could have the flexibility of allowing a user to close it like a foldable phone, making it easier to carry around.

The patent in question was spotted by a German publication, WindowsUni, filed in March of this year and released on November 4. The post says the mouse may look like the current generation Arc mouse, however, it’s the folding mechanism that will make the next computer accessory different.

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Microsoft Arc Mouse patent

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Microsoft Arc Mouse patent

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Microsoft Arc Mouse patent

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The patent document explains that the “foldable computer mouse includes a deformable body configurable to be formed in a first deployed configuration usable to receive inputs for controlling a computing device and a second folded configuration in which a first portion of the deformable body is. folded over a second part of the deformable body.

As a reminder, the first-generation Arc mouse also featured a similar foldable design, although it did have clickable buttons and a scroll wheel. On the other hand, the current Surface Arc mouse has high touch sensitivity which allows better interaction with the computing device. The latest Arc mouse also offers a rather smoother touch and feel than its predecessor which came in a plastic finish.

Although the patent document lists the inward folding mechanism in detail, it does not list a scroll wheel similar to that of the previous generation device, suggesting that the external design might not be much. modified. That said, since this is a patent document, there is no confirmation as to when the new mouse will join Microsoft’s product line.

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