Microsoft is working on improving the search function Find on the Edge page


All web browsers support local search functionality to find content on the active web page. Extensions, like the excellent Search Multi Tabs extension for Firefox, extend functionality by allowing searches across all browser tabs.

Basic search functionality has seen only slight improvements over the past decade. Mozilla, for example, added a scrollbar highlight option to Firefox to better visualize visits to the page.

Microsoft is currently testing an improved on-page search feature in the company’s Edge web browser. The feature is locked for most users, but can be enabled on the browser’s flags page.

Microsoft Edge: improved on-page search

Discovered by Reddit user Leopeva64-2 (via Neowin), the improved feature adds four new filters to the dialog. Find on Page can be accessed with the shortcut Ctrl-F or by selecting Menu > Find on Page.

It only lists a search box currently on most Edge installations. If the enhanced feature is enabled, users will see the following three filters:

  • Related Matches — includes results that are related. A virus scan may also return results such as malware.
  • Match case — when enabled, Edge will match case in the search operation. A search for Vivaldi would return all results that include Vivaldi, but not vivaldi, or any other form that does not match the exact case of the search term.
  • Match entire word — only results that match the entire word are returned. If you search for you, only instances of you are returned. YouTube, among other results, is not returned.
  • Match diacritics — includes accented characters in search results.

Edge users running the latest Canary version of the browser can enable the new feature, if it isn’t already enabled.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Load edge://flags/#edge-find-on-page-filters in the browser address bar and change the value to “Enabled with all filters”.
  2. Load edge://flags/#edge-related-matches-for-find-on-page in the address bar and set the feature value to enabled.
  3. Restart Microsoft Edge.

All four search filters are now available when using the on-page search functionality.

Closing words

Additional filters are useful additions, as they help users find what they are looking for. The “whole word” filter can reduce the number of results because it eliminates all matches except those that match the full search term. Case and diacritics can also be useful, and related matches can return results that otherwise would not be returned.

Now you: What do you think of these new search filters? Do you use page search?


Microsoft is working on improving the search function Find on the Edge page

Article name

Microsoft is working on improving the search function Find on the Edge page

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Microsoft is testing a new on-page search feature in Edge that improves the web browser’s on-page search functionality.


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