Microsoft Edge’s new sidebar is now live


Microsoft Edge is a very capable web browser that provides users with additional and innovative forms of utility compared to other web browsers. In fact, Microsoft is constantly trying to create new features in an attempt to steal Google Chrome users. Today a new feature, which we talked about a few weeks ago, went live, and you can now access the Microsoft Edge sidebar when using the browser. Here’s what you need to know.

First we brought you news of the Microsoft Edge sidebar, which gives users tit has the ability to use other Windows tools from the browser, back in June. Microsoft has now released a blog post with official details about the Sidebar launch.

Microsoft Edge's new sidebar is now live

The sidebar plays well on integrate some key Windows features in the Microsoft browser. Microsoft describes the feature as such:

“Microsoft Edge’s new sidebar gives you side-by-side access to tools and features in your browser, even when navigating between tabs. From being able to perform a specific search within the page you’re viewing, to using tools to perform quick calculations without opening another tab, we’ve found a way to help you be more productive without losing your place when browsing.

The tools that will be inside the sidebar include search, discover, outlook, office and even tools like clock, dictionary, calculator, converter and even internet speed test. These will all sit in a super slim sidebar on the right side of the browser, which will open when one is selected.

Whether this additional utility will help Edge steal some Google Chrome users remains to be seen. However, there’s certainly enough here to help create a unique offering for the browser that could see it gain traction. We will have to wait and see.

In other Microsoft Edge news, a recent security update fixed over 15 security issues.


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