Microsoft Edge on Android gets improved video ad blocking


Microsoft Edge on Android is far from a popular browser. According to the latest report from Statcounter, Edge’s market share is too low to show on the charts because Android customers don’t want to move away from Chrome or Samsung Internet. Still, a new feature in Edge for Android could tempt users to ditch mainstream browsers in favor of Microsoft’s solution.

As spotted by Leoparda64-2, Edge for Android has received a new experimental flag to improve how the browser blocks ads. With the new configuration, Edge for Android should better block video ads, such as YouTube prerolls. According to Leoparda64-2, the flag blocks video ads quite well, but your experience may be slightly different.

To test the updated ad blocker in Microsoft Edge on Android, download the browser from the Google Play Store and go to edge://flags/#edge-block-video-ads page. Set the flag to EnableD and restart the browser. After that, try to open YouTube or any other website that contains video ads.

Do you think the improved built-in ad blocker is enough to make Android customers ditch Chrome or Samsung Internet? Share your opinion in the comments.

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