Microsoft Edge is now more popular than Apple Safari… and more small business tech news this week


Here are five tech events that happened in the past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1- Microsoft’s desktop browser – Microsoft Edge – is more popular with users than Safari.

Microsoft Edge has become the second most popular desktop browser, overtaking Safari according to an analysis by Statcounter. This platform increase may suggest that Mac users are using Safari less frequently due to new design updates that have turned many users off. The increase could also suggest an increase in Windows users, but Google Chrome still has a 50% lead on the rising platform. (Source: 9to5mac)

Why it matters to your business:

Never underestimate the power of Microsoft. Although Chrome remains by far the leader, it is clear that Edge has become the next best alternative. As usage increases, I expect Edge to become a more recommended browser for apps in the future.

2- Google Career Certificates reward companies with free technology services worth $100,000.

Google announced that it will provide businesses with free technology tools such as data analysis, design, and other technical skills for their employees as part of Google’s mission to help individual businesses build skills technology at their convenience. The 3-6 month courses will cover up to 500 companies. They aim to help companies obtain certificates in IT support, advertising, project management, e-commerce and digital marketing. (Source: Reuters)

Why it matters to your business:

11.5 million unfilled jobs? These are mostly skilled positions and I bet your company is facing these challenges. Here is a help from Google to increase the skills of your employees. I recommend it to my clients.

3- Zoom’s time restriction for meetings has been shortened, but there are plenty of other free alternatives.

Zoom has announced that one-to-one video conferencing will now be limited to 40 minutes, but there are many other platforms available that don’t have time restrictions. The six best free video conferencing platforms other than Zoom, Skype, Signal, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Meta Messenger all have different requirements that can meet any video conferencing need. (Source: Beta News)

Why it matters to your business:

Zoom has taken a big step forward for businesses during the pandemic by making their calls unlimited. But all good things must come to an end and even a few of my clients were surprised to learn that calls would once again be limited to 40 minutes. I’m a paid user and enjoy the service, but understand if you want to consider alternatives. Those listed above are all good.

4- Quick service restaurants are expected to increase by 400,000 jobs by the end of this year despite previous shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many fast food and quick service restaurants have experienced staff shortages since the pandemic began, leading many places to use more technology for mundane tasks. Using online payment options has successfully alleviated the labor shortage, but many customers still miss the human aspect of catering. In response, these quick-service restaurants offered additional benefits to employees, such as gas discounts, tuition assistance, and opportunities for advancement. These benefits have contributed to a significant increase in jobs in quick service restaurants. (Source: PYMNTS)

Why it matters to your business:

Restaurants, like small businesses, are investing in technology and greater perks to retain staff in times of labor shortages and supply chain issues. I hope you do the same.

5- Cybersecurity research warns against using commonly used passwords.

The 20 commonly used passwords such as “12345”, “qwerty” and “password” are strongly discouraged by cyber security companies. In a recent study, hackers were able to figure out someone’s password within 14 hours in an average of 25 European countries. The best passwords to use are a random mix of words, numbers, and symbols and downloading a password manager that stores and generates strong passwords. (Source: Laptop Mag)

Why it matters to your business:

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