Microsoft Edge gets a Games button


Microsoft is adding a new feature to Edge, but you probably won’t like it. The Chromium-based browser now has a games button, because why not?

The feature has yet to hit the stable channel, but according to the reddit user, Leopeva64-2, which spotted the option, is available in the Edge Canary channel.

The person also shared screenshots on the social website to highlight the feature. The toggle for the Games button is on the Edge> Settings> Appearance page. It’s not enabled by default, which is a good thing. Enabling it adds the button to the browser toolbar. Clicking on the said button displays a modal that extracts the content from MSN Games.

microsoft edge gaming panel

That’s what it is, the panel is a glorified web wrapper for Microsoft’s online gaming portal. Great, it’s just what we want, no more bloat!

Microsoft Edge Games button in Canary Channel

I mean, take a look at this list, some of them are useful options. Do we really need a button that takes you to the MSN Games page to clutter up the toolbar? That’s what makes it bloat, right?

I have all three Edge channels installed on my computer (for testing purposes), but the Games button is not available to me in the latest version of Edge Canary, 99.0.1117.0. So, the option is probably only available to users in specific regions for software testing purposes, or maybe it has already been checked out as the “follow website” characteristic it’s a bit like an RSS feed.

If this provided something useful like quick access to Steam, Epic Games, GOG, or the Xbox GamePass store, I can kind of see how this can be useful, a faster way to search for gaming fronts. might be helpful. But, the screenshots tell a different story, and since I can’t test the feature myself, I can’t comment on how the Games button and panel work. I wouldn’t be surprised if it showed notifications or advertisements for games, invitations from other players, but that is of course pure speculation.

Where is Microsoft Edge going?

When Microsoft introduced features like vertical tabs, sleep tabs, etc., I thought the Edge browser was very impressive and modern. But the browser has been on a downward spiral for some time.

The Redmond-based company has been criticized for making it difficult for users to switch default apps in Windows 11. Even if you set a different browser as the default handler, web searches are forced to open in Edge. And then there’s all the negative marketing Microsoft has been involved with, it has ridiculed Chrome as an outdated browser, promoting itself when the user searches for competing browsers. Maybe they’re doing all of this on purpose, to alleviate Windows 11 performance issues? How is it for 4D chess?

Kidding aside, I can hardly find a reason to recommend Edge these days. Of course, it’s well optimized and therefore faster than other browsers on Windows, but that’s about the only good thing I have to say about it.

Remember when useful features like EPUB support were removed from the browser, despite many votes on the Feedback Hub? We’ve seen various weird features come to Edge, like coupons, a buy-it-now option and later which is quite controversial, and now we have a nearly useless games button.

What do you think Microsoft will add to Edge next?


Microsoft Edge gets a button and a games panel, but why?

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Microsoft Edge gets a button and a games panel, but why?

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Microsoft is adding a new feature that you might never use, a Games panel.




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