Microsoft: disable these Windows 11 features to boost games


Two Windows 11 settings can affect gaming performance, Microsoft says. These settings are enabled by default.

Microsoft has allowed you to disable these options, but there are also reasons why you might want to keep them. However, if your computer’s performance in games is far from excellent, it may be worth checking out.


Microsoft has released a new support document detailing both features and their possible impact. The company found that memory integrity and virtual machine platform (VMP) affected gaming performance for some users.

VMP pretty much does what it says on the tin – it provides virtual base machine services for Windows 11. Memory integrity does play a pretty big role though, as it’s responsible for checking for new drivers and to ensure that they come from a reliable source. It protects your system from malicious code. That’s why you might want to avoid disabling this feature, and if you do disable it, it’s a good idea to re-enable it at the end of your gaming session.

Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t go into detail as to the extent of the issue, only noting that it occurs “in certain scenarios and gaming device configurations.”

Of course, if you’re experiencing low frame rates or other issues while gaming, there could be a number of reasons why this could be happening – but if you’re a Windows 11 user, you may try to optimize your gaming experience in this quite easy way first.

Before you start disabling things, keep in mind that Microsoft recommends re-enabling these settings later, and it adds, “If disabled, the device may be vulnerable to threats. If you want to give it a try, regardless of Microsoft’s warnings, here’s how.

How to Disable Memory Integrity and VMP

Person sitting and using a Windows Surface computer with Windows 11.
Windows 11

To disable Memory Integrity, access your The start menu by pressing the Windows key, then type “Core Isolation” in the taskbar. Select it when it appears, and when you are on this page, disable Memory Integrity. Microsoft recommends that you restart your device afterwards.

Disabling VMP is just as easy. Again, enter The start menu, and in the search, type “Turn Windows features on or off”. When you are in the Windows Features section, find Virtual Machine Platform and deselect it. Hurry OKAY to finalize these changes and restart your computer.

If you don’t see any benefit in disabling these two settings, it’s best to keep them. However, if you’re unhappy with your frame rates, we have a handy guide that can help you with some other ideas to try.

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