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Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft. (File Photo GeekWire/Nat Levy)

Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft who joined the tech giant 32 years ago, is retiring.

Belfiore announced the news on Thursday in a Tweeter. He is staying with the company until next summer to help with the transition and he will focus on his family after he leaves.

ZDNet reported that Belfiore’s move “was a personal decision, not forced.”

Belfiore joined Microsoft in 1990, working on the Windows 95 team. He spent time with various other groups, including Internet Explorer and Windows Phone. He was corporate vice president for Windows 10 and in 2020 he took on the same role for the Office product group. “I act as a ‘product manager’ for Office, partnering with MS on cross-platform experiences and services,” Belfiore notes on his LinkedIn.

Ales Holecek, who led Office with Belfiore, will continue to lead the group, according to an internal email quoted by ZDNet. Sumit Chauhan will be a new co-manager with Holecek.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for more details and will update when we get back to you.

Other key personnel changes in the Pacific Northwest tech ecosystem:

Amazon Web Services executive Raj Pravin is stepping down after being named in a lawsuit against Amazon, Protocol reported.

— E-commerce startup in Seattle Tissue hiring yon nutaformer director of Babylon Health, as its first product manager.

Seattle Sailors hiring Catherine Chenga longtime exec at Expedia and former director of Microsoft and Starbucks, as senior vice president of people and culture and DEI.

— Hardware company based in Hillsboro, Oregon MTI hired three new executives: Ben Duster as Chief Financial Officer, Allen Auchenpaugh as senior vice president of global services; and Panda SK as senior vice president of sales.


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