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The Microsoft Bing and Shopify integration that was previously announced in October is now available in Bing Shopping and Bing Search results, the company said.

Microsoft said “we’re excited to share that experiences are live,” where you can integrate your Shopify site more deeply so that Bing features “more diverse products, great prices, and better discovery of offerings.” “With the integration of Shopify, you will now have access to millions of merchants to choose from,” Microsoft said.

You can click the “Buy Now” link directly in the Bing search results and be taken directly to the cart page on this Shopify website. Here is a screenshot of this:

Benefits for Advertisers. Along with an easy way to appear in Bing product ads, product listings in the Shopping tab, and product listings in the Microsoft Start Shopping tab, Shopify users will soon be able to take advantage of the new option. fast payment integration: a “Buy Now” on ads and product listings. “With the ‘Buy Now’ offer, shoppers can easily purchase the products they are interested in by being sent directly to the shopping cart page,” according to the announcement.

How to configure it. Website owners and advertisers can easily set up the integration with Shopify. “Merchants can connect quickly through Microsoft Channel using their Microsoft Advertising account or create a new one in a few easy steps. »Under Sales Channels, click Microsoft and sign in.

Why we care This integration and updates to the Microsoft Channel app is just another way to help small businesses, retail, and e-commerce gain exposure online. Just as many businesses have been launched in online stores in the past two years. Shopify was a go-to platform for many new and new ecommerce sellers. It’s just a few days before Christmas, so probably any last minute shopping is a bit too late to arrive before the holidays, but maybe you want to shop for some New Years gifts?

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