Microsoft announces Microsoft Teams Essentials


What are the main benefits of Microsoft Teams Essentials?

While the higher levels of Microsoft Teams offer a wide range of features and tools, the Essentials level is a bit rudimentary. This is by design, of course, because a small business that doesn’t need the greatest capabilities and the fanciest features wouldn’t want to pay higher prices for something it won’t use.

As for what’s included in the Essentials tier, it includes everything in the free tier. This means it has unlimited chat with colleagues and clients, the ability to share files, set tasks, and create polls, as well as premium data encryption for all files and messages at the store. within teams.

As for what Essentials adds on top of that, you will be able to hold unlimited meetings, with meetings lasting up to 30 hours (not that they ever should). These meetings will facilitate up to 300 people. Each user can also store 10 GB of files on Microsoft cloud servers. You can also use telephone and web helplines at any time.

While this isn’t the widest range of tools, it doesn’t really need to be. As mentioned, small businesses probably wouldn’t overuse the features included in the higher tiers (like webinar hosting), so being able to ditch them in order to save a bit of money is a big plus.

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