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As the holiday season approaches, Microsoft has decided to add “Buy Now, Pay Later” funding options to its Edge browser in the United States at least.

The characteristic appeared in recent weeks, first in Beta and Canary versions before it was made available “by default” to all Microsoft Edge version 96 users.

The Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) option appears at the browser level when you reach a payment page on an ecommerce site and allows users to split any purchase between $ 35 and $ 1,000 made through Edge into four payments spread over six weeks.

This system is powered by Zip, formerly Quadpay, which offers a Chrome extension for users who wish to split payments; it is interest free if you make the payments on time, although Zip invoice $ 1 per installment.

Microsoft has now integrated this platform into Edge.

The comments could so far qualify as negative, as evidenced by the tags assigned to the post on Microsoft’s tech community site.

Buy Now Pay Later Feedback

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Comments (119 at the time of writing) posted by site visitors can be roughly summarized Thus:

Despite some positive feedback, the overwhelming response has been no.

Which is a shame. The Chromium-based Edge is actually a pretty good browser. Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode gives businesses a way out, and Google’s absence was appealing.

But the shine was taken away somewhat by the inclusion of BNPL.

We asked Microsoft to comment on the reaction and whether BNPL is widely deployed. While he has yet to respond, his social media outlet posted the following overnight.

So do we, Microsoft. U.S. too. ®

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