Microsoft: Accelerate Miami-Dade to Tackle County Unemployment with New Opportunities for Underserved Communities


Coalition of public and private partnerships to respond Miami-Dade’s needs for economic growth and jobs thanks to digital skills.

Microsoft Corp., in collaboration with private and public sector partners, announced the launch of Accelerate Miami-Dade. The program aims to provide a path from qualification to employment for Miami-Dade residents to bridge the digital skills gap and direct people to diverse and fair hiring and re-employment opportunities. Job seekers in Miami-Dade can begin their journey to career revitalization today, with programs, events and opportunities available now at

“As Miami-Dade rebuilds its economy in the wake of COVID-19,” said Deb Cupp, president of Microsoft we, “The Accelerate program expands economic opportunities and provides the skills necessary to support an inclusive and equitable recovery. We are proud to work with our civic, learning and corporate partners to bring this program to the county. ‘

“We are committed to ensuring that everyone in Miami-Dade can participate in and take advantage of the technological boom of our time by expanding access to learning opportunities that open the door to new, higher paying jobs, ”said Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. “I am excited to launch this partnership with Microsoft to accelerate the technology skills of our residents, especially in the most underserved communities. Our community needs better access to technology education at all ages, and this program will help us achieve that. ‘

As digital capabilities advance rapidly, the digital skills of local communities must keep pace. The Acceleration program brings together a unique set of public and private partnerships specific to Miami-Dade to unlock new economic opportunities and create a local pipeline that allows individuals to both acquire skills for high-demand jobs and support the connection to employment opportunities. Accelerate is fundamentally different from other skills initiatives, as the model is based on an ecosystem partnership that provides skills upgrading, retraining and cross-skills for in-demand jobs and a path to employment that supports their long-term career. Together, we are building a sustainable system that generates economic and community impact, targeting community members at risk of losing their jobs and finding themselves unemployed:

Community partners, including Flagship tip, bigger Miami Room, Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce and United Way Miami, will help mobilize the community through a deep understanding of local needs and connect those who can most benefit from increased digital equity and return-to-work opportunities.

Learning partners, including General assembly, Generation United States, Good will, Miami-Dade College, Notre-Dame technical laboratory, Springboard and Year Up, will help deliver the curriculum and drive the delivery and execution of skills and accreditation programs to deliver tailored digital training that enables job seekers to take the next step in their career. career.

Microsoft provides resources for global engagement, free courses on Microsoft Learn and LinkedIn aligned with the 10 Most In-Demand Jobs, and is working to help 250,000 companies hire on a skills-based basis this year with LinkedIn.

The initiative responds to the needs of Miami-Dade residents affected by the global pandemic and racial inequalities in access to education. Miami-Dade, like other counties, faces an increased unemployment rate and has a significant population linked to industries affected by COVID-19 such as manufacturing, financial services, transportation, tourism and professional services in the region . Expanding access to digital skills is an essential first step in improving employability in order to contribute to local economic recovery, especially for those hardest hit by job losses. The Accelerate Miami-Dade program is designed to benefit students and service workers with low digital skills, in addition to those with moderate or high digital skills (the current digital population) who could benefit from an upgrade and versatility. The result is a broad offering that meets the needs of people who need digital skills to stay competitive and enable them to seize the job opportunities of the future.

Accelerate Miami-Dade is the last we the implementation of Microsoft’s Global Skills Initiative, an ambitious plan to help people around the world acquire new digital skills, and reinforces recent commitments from Microsoft and LinkedIn to help 250,000 companies hire based skills in 2021. More information can be found here we partner blog post.

Microsoft (Nasdaq ‘MSFT’ @microsoft) enables digital transformation in the age of a smart cloud and smart edge. Its mission is to empower every person and organization on the planet to do more.

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Perspectives from Accelerate Miami-Dade Member Organizations

“Providing equitable access to digital skills training creates long-term career paths for our residents, unleashing the kind of economic opportunities that strengthen communities,” said Michael A. Finney, Chairman and CEO of the Miami-Dade Beacon Council. “Miami’s success – today and tomorrow – depends on our ability to foster a culture of innovation and empower our diverse workforce to evolve, adapt and grow. Microsoft’s Accelerate Miami-Dade initiative serves as a model for the kind of positive systemic change that can be driven when the public and private sectors work together for the greater good. As an official economic development partnership for Miami-Dade County, we are committed to this effort and appreciate the investments Microsoft is making in our community. ‘

“The current boom in our technology ecosystem makes this an exciting time in Miami. This growth will translate into better paying jobs, and we have an obligation to ensure that these jobs are accessible to all, ”said Alfred Sanchez, Chairman and CEO of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. “As a champion of business and economic prosperity in Greater Miami, the Chamber is proud to partner with Accelerate South Florida, an initiative of Microsoft, to help our workforce acquire the new digital skills in demand and ensure that we bridge the digital divide. ‘

“Miami has ramped up its technology presence, with Microsoft stepping in and providing the necessary resources for the most valuable commodity, our residents,” said G. Eric. Knowles, President and CEO of Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce. “It will really ensure that Miami meets the demand of the future.”

“We are delighted to join Microsoft, local authorities and community leaders in delivering the Accelerate program in Miami because it will have a lot of impact ”, declared Madeline Pumariega, president of Miami Dade College. “This will allow us to offer new avenues for our students and the community, and aligns perfectly with one of our primary goals – preparing a talented workforce with the skills to thrive in the marketplace. current work, while fueling the local economy. ‘

“Partnering with the Microsoft Accelerate program is a new approach to technology in Little Haiti. It is a break with mediocrity that will help our community to thrive with a WAY OUT and not a HANDOUT ”, said the father. Réginald Jean-Marie, parish priest, administrator of Notre Dame D ‘Haiti and CEO of the Pierre Toussaint Leadership and Learning Center.

“Miami is ready for growth,” said Sean segal, CEO of Generation United States. ” Our plan and partnership with Microsoft to use Miami Dade College our track record of teaching excellence, coupled with Generation’s support and placement expertise, set us on the right track to educate ourselves at scale to help people find careers with a sustainable future in the South -Where is Florida. ‘

“This program will have a significant impact in our community,” said Marguerite Brisbane, Miami-Dade County IT director and IT director. “Providing the tools to upgrade skills and develop digital talent in our underserved communities will definitely be a game-changer for job seekers. “

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