Megadeals, metaverse and outer space: test your tech skills with GeekWire’s 2021 news quiz


This year has been a bit of a blur, fighting through the waves of Delta and Omicron. But there was also other important news. And before we say goodbye to 2021, we thought it would be fun to test your geek knowledge.

Most of the quiz questions below are derived from GeekWire’s list of the most read stories of the year. So, rugged GeekWire readers should do well. And just to make things a little more fun, here’s a dashboard to judge you by.

  • Uber Geek: 23 – 29 correct answers (A true Jedi master)
  • Super Geek: 16 – 22 correct answers (The force is strong with this one!)
  • Average Geek: 11 – 15 correct answers (Stay the course, and you will one day be a Jedi master)
  • Geek in Training: 6 to 10 correct answers (Keep studying young, Padawan!)
  • Novice Nerd: 0 to 5 correct answers (Learn more. Sign up for the daily GeekWire newsletter here!)

Take the quiz on this link, or below. The answers can be found at the bottom of this article, but remember not to cheat by looking at them or browsing the internet! Good luck.

See answers and links below. Once you’re done, you can listen to Taylor Soper and Todd Bishop from GeekWire take the quiz on the GeekWire podcast.


  1. Name the Seattle chief technology officer who said: “We have determined that the unpredictability of home price predictions far exceeds what we expected …” Zillow Group CEO Rich Barton in a November press release announcing the closure of Zillow Offers, the company’s iBuying unit.
  2. Which of these Seattle-area companies did not go public through a SPAC or Special Purpose Acquisition Company in 2021 (possibility of two points)? Remitly and Rad Power Bikes. Remitly went public through a more traditional IPO process in September, while Rad Power Bikes raised over $ 300 million in venture capital funding in two successful rounds.
  3. Who did Amazon hire to run its Amazon Web Services cloud business in March 2021? Adam Selipsky, former CEO of Tableau who previously held executive positions at AWS for 11 years.
  4. Which of these people has not taken suborbital trips on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rocket this year? Billie Eilish. (Wally Funk, an 82-year-old aviation pioneer, went on the July trip with Jeff Bezos. Star Trek star William Shatner took part in the October Mission at the age of 90, become the oldest human to venture into space. And former football star and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan completed a Blue Origin trip in December.)
  5. The idea of ​​the metaverse gained popularity in 2021 with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg jumping on the bandwagon, touting the concept of a virtual world in a letter from the founder in late October. But the concept actually dates back to three decades of a novel by this Seattle-area author? Name the author and title of the book where the term metaverse was coined? Neal Stephenson, author of “Snow Crash”.
  6. Funko, the maker of pop culture merchandise based in Everett, Wash., Performed a part in Macy’s annual Thanksgiving parade in New York City with a balloon of What character from a popular Star Wars series? Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda.
  7. In one of the biggest acquisitions of the year, this Seattle-area identity tech startup was acquired by Okta for $ 6.5 billion. Auth0.
  8. According to a report published in October by the job site Hired, what does the Seattle tech worker earn on average each year? $ 158,000, up 4.6% from last year and the second highest average tech salary in the United States behind the Bay Area at $ 165,000.
  9. In addition to donating billions in 2021, philanthropist MacKenzie Scott also found love and married Dan Jewett from Seattle. What is Jewett’s profession? Science teacher.
  10. OceanGate Expeditions from Everett, Washington sent a submersible to explore what famous wreck, finding that it was deteriorating rapidly? The Titanic.
  11. True or False: Amazon workers at a fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama won a victory for the unions when they successfully voted to join the retail and wholesale stores union in April? False. Amazon workers have categorically rejected the organizing effort, Even though the The National Labor Relations Council called in November for a new union election in the establishment.
  12. Name the automaker that took a 25% stake in Pure Watercraft, the Seattle-based company that pioneers electric outboards for powerboats? General Motors invested in Pure Watercraft in November, valuing the 10-year company at $ 600 million.
  13. Amazon added two new leadership principles this year: Strive to be the best employer on the planet and Success and scale bring broad responsibility. How many Total Leadership Principles does Amazon have now? 16.
  14. Seattle-based text messaging startup Zipwhip was acquired by the cloud-based communications company this summer for $ 850 million. Twilio.
  15. Former Microsoft executive Kurt del bene was confirmed by the Senate as CIO and Deputy Secretary for Information and Technology to which federal agency> Department of Veterans Affairs.
  16. Helion raised $ 500 million in funding in November, making it one of the Seattle area’s many unicorn startups. What promising clean energy technology does Helion hope to deliver through its Polaris generator? Fusion energy, a technology that could produce unlimited, carbon-free energy.
  17. Seattle tech veterans Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton have announced plans to open a museum to showcase art related to what emerging technology is all the rage in 2021? NFT, or non-fungible tokens.
  18. TerraPower, backed by Bill Gates, chose which US state for its next-generation nuclear reactor? Wyoming.
  19. OK, and now one for our loyal GeekWire podcast listeners: Which of these leaders DID NOT appear on the GeekWire podcast in 2021: Textio CEO Kieran Snyder; the founder of, Hadi Partovi; Jeff Wilke, former CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer; United States Representative Suzan DelBene. The answer is Kieran Snyder, although we would love to have him on the show next year! (Check out the GeekWire podcast here, or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts).
  20. Match the Pacific Northwest startups below – all of which raised venture capital in 2021 – to the industries they operate in (eight point possibility):
  • Rec Room… Online gaming community based on virtual reality.
  • Highspot… .. Enterprise software to boost sales performance.
  • Headphones… .. Data analysis for the cannabis industry.
  • Evrnu ………. A textile technology startup.
  • Carat ………. Technical job interview platform.
  • Syndio …… .. Data science tools designed to solve pay equity.
  • Esper ………. Cloud-based IoT device management.
  • Ozette ……… AI platform for the management of protein combinations.

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