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Microsoft honored major Asian partners on the global stage, recognizing the creation and deployment of innovative and unique solutions leading to increased levels of competitive differentiation and customer success through the channel.

Unveiled before Microsoft Inspire – which will take place virtually from July 14 to 15 – Customer Capital Consulting was recognized as the best partner of the year in Singapore, with Softline Solutions International and Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII) taking honors from Malaysia and Indonesia respectively .

In the Philippines, Crayon Software was recognized for its market leadership efforts over the past 12 months, in addition to NTT Solutions in Thailand and SL International in Vietnam.

Extending further across Southeast Asia, Tech One Global and Softline were recognized in Brunei and Cambodia respectively, alongside Rhipe (Singapore) in Laos and BIM Advanced Technology Services in Myanmar.

More broadly in Asia-Pacific, the other winners are Cloocus (South Korea), Corporate Projukti (Bangladesh), Sanje (Maldives and Sri Lanka) and Tech One Global (Nepal).

“Our partners have demonstrated incredible agility and creativity in building solutions based on Microsoft technology across the intelligent cloud to the edge, while adapting themselves to these changes,” said Rodney Clark, corporate vice president of Channel Sales and Channel Chief at Microsoft.

“We have seen partners not only exceed the expectations of existing customers, but also contribute to their communities by delivering creative solutions that help solve challenges for customers, communities and the environment. “

the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award recognize the outstanding achievements and innovations of vendor partners in over 100 countries and across a wide variety of categories, from smart cloud to the edge, with an entrepreneurial spirit, including areas of social impact, diversity and inclusion.

Microsoft has received more than 200 partner nominations across Asia-Pacific, adding to more than 4,400 worldwide.

In addition to national accolades, two partners have become global winners, notably CICRA Solutions (Sri Lanka) and Trainocate Holdings (Singapore) in the Rising Azure Technology and Business Excellence (Learning) categories respectively.

Meanwhile, five partners from the region were also named finalists in global categories, including Unify Cloud (Singapore), NTT Data (Philippines), Hitachi Solutions (Singapore), Alfa Connections (Malaysia) and Millennium ITESP (Sri Lanka) .

“, Added Clark.

All the winners and finalists will be celebrated at the upcoming Microsoft Inspire, which will take place as a virtual event from July 14-15.

Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winners – Asia Pacific:

  • Bangladesh: Company project
  • Brunei: Tech One Global
  • Cambodia: Soft line
  • Indonesia: Mitra Integrasi Informatika (MII)
  • Laos: Rhipe
  • Malaysia: Softline International Solutions
  • Maldives: Sanje
  • Burma: Advanced BIM technology services
  • Nepal: Tech One Global
  • Philippines: Pencil software
  • Singapore: Client capital advice
  • South Korea: Cloocus
  • Sri Lanka: Sanje
  • Thailand: NTT Solutions
  • Vietnam: SL International

Global Category Winners – Asia-Pacific:

  • Azure, rising Azure technology: CICRA Solutions (Sri Lanka)
  • Business excellence, learning: Trainocate Holdings (Singapore)

Global Category Finalists – Asia-Pacific:

  • Azure, modernization of applications: Unify Cloud (Singapore)
  • Business applications, Dynamics 365 Customer Service: NTT data (Philippines)
  • Business applications, Dynamics 365 Sales: Hitachi Solutions (Singapore)
  • Industry, Education: Alfa Connections (Malaysia)
  • Social impact, Inclusion Changemaker: Millennium ITESP (Sri Lanka)

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