Leave me alone: ​​unsubscribe from unwanted emails


Blocking unwanted texts on your iPhone when the phone number is not in your contact list is a four-step process. Press the > symbol to the right of the phone number. On the next screen, tap the Information button. Next, scroll down the next screen and tap Block this caller. You will be asked to confirm Block Contacts.

Many Android phones have a Block Number button just above a new single text message. But if you’ve been on a call before, tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the screen to bring up a menu of options. Choose Block Contacts and you will be asked to cancel or Block.

For iPhones and Androids, the sender will not be aware of the block. You can delete the message and it will not remove the block.

Again, the exact steps may vary slightly depending on the program you use for mail or text messages and the device you are on. If in doubt, Google the name of your program or device and “how to block”.

Be aware that even if you block someone – to prevent future unwanted emails, text messages or phone calls – these senders often use sophisticated computer programs that automatically generate message origin, so blocking may not always work. Providers of some mass emails use techniques similar to operations that use robocalls.


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