How to use Microsoft Edge to solve math problems


For some students, math can be fun. For others, it is the most difficult subject. If you’re having trouble grasping math concepts, one of the latest features in Microsoft Edges may be able to help.

Called Math Solver, this tool lets you solve math problems in Microsoft Edge without leaving the tab. We will see how to use Math Solver.

What is Microsoft Edge Math Solver?

Developed by Microsoft, Math Solver is a tool built into the Edge browser that recognizes math problems from a picture and solves them for you.

math solver pane open in Microsoft Edge

Math Solver has been around as a separate tool for years and was part of Windows. It’s also available as an Android, iOS, and web app. However, Microsoft integrated Math Solver directly into Edge with Update 91, so you don’t need to switch windows.

Additionally, Bing displays this handy tool in search results. When you search for math terms such as “quadratic equation,” Math Solver appears at the top of the results. Here you can even draw a question using a virtual pen.

The Math Solver website also offers quizzes, so you can practice your math skills. Teachers can also visit the Popular Problems page to see which question types are the most difficult for students.

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What kinds of questions can you solve?

Math Solver uses artificial intelligence to recognize different questions. From factorization to calculation, you can solve different types of questions.

Here are some types of questions you can ask:

  • Pre-algebra: LCM, GCF, mixed fractions, radicals, exponents

  • Algebra: Inequalities, Systems of equations, Matrices, Linear and quadratic equations, etc.

  • Statistics: Average, Mode

  • Trigonometry: equations, graphs

  • Calculation: Derivatives, limits and integrals

Using Math Solver in Microsoft Edge

If you want to use Math Solver, you can do it right in the Edge browser.

Adding Math Solver to the Edge Toolbar

You can access Math Solver from More> Tools> Math Solver. But if you plan to use Math Solver frequently, it’s a good idea to add it to your Edge toolbar. By doing so, you can access them quickly and resolve issues in no time.

Microsoft Edge appearance tab

  1. Click on the Following in the upper right corner of the Edge window.

  2. From the menu, select Settings.

  3. In the appearance section, find the Show math solver button option.

  4. Activate the Mathematical Solver button.

  5. Now you will see an icon for Math Solver in the toolbar.

Clicking on the Math Solver icon will open a pane on the right side of the Edge window.

Highlight the screen to solve math problems

The main feature of Math Solver is the use of AI to recognize math problems. To resolve the issues, with the screen highlighted, follow the steps below.

math solver question selection

  1. Open the image or document containing the question in Edge.

  2. Click on Select a math problem in the Math Solver pane.

  3. Once you’ve done that, Edge will gray the entire window, giving you a slider to highlight the question.

  4. Drag and resize the selection box around the question.

  5. Make sure to highlight the whole issue and avoid any additional text in the selected region.

  6. Click on To resolve.

Once you choose the option, Math Solver will solve your equation and present the result in seconds.

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Entering Questions in Math Solver

Sometimes it is easier for you to type the question rather than taking a photo, uploading it to your computer, and then highlighting it. In this case, you can use Math Solver’s numeric keypad to enter almost any type of problem.

keyboard for entering math problems

To use the numeric keypad, click Type a math problem. This powerful keyboard supports multiple functions and has a separate tab for each type of question.

  • Tab 1 contains keys for numbers and basic operations.

  • Tab two is for arithmetic. It allows you to enter logarithms, fractions, radicals and inequalities.

  • Tab three contains trigonometric functions like sin, cos and arc-sin etc.

  • You can find buttons for entering calculation problems such as limits, derivations and integrals.

  • Tab four is for statistics and contains operations such as average, mode, LCM, GCF, and combinations.

  • Then you have a tab to enter the matrices.

  • Tab five has alpha keys for variables.

Don’t want to use the numeric keypad? You can still type using your computer keyboard. Although your keyboard can enter basic problems, it is probably impossible to type all the questions using it.

Solution display

After solving the question, Math Solver app gives a step by step solution of the question. At each step there is also a brief explanation, helping you better understand the concepts.

Steps and method of mathematical solver solution

When there are multiple ways to solve a problem, Math Solver displays all the methods and their solutions. This feature helps you understand questions and allows you to resolve similar questions.

Under the solution steps, Math Solver displays a graph for the equations, so that you can see the relationship between the variables.

Math Solver also offers some learning videos related to the question.

learning material for solving math

In the Math pane, you will find these videos under the heading of Recommended Videos. Most of these videos are from popular educational websites like Khan Academy. Clicking on these links will open a new tab to play videos.

the Show more learning content below the videos will direct you to the Math Solver website. Here you will find more videos, related concepts, worksheets and similar issues. With so much content available for learning, even math becomes easier.

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Sharing solution

Instead of solving a problem from scratch again, you can share the solution with your classmates right from Math Solver. By doing this, you can help your friends understand complex issues without spending too much time. Win-win, isn’t it?

To share the solution, scroll to the end of the pane and copy the link. Your classmates will see the solution on the Math Solver website, after clicking on the link you shared.

Math Solver simplifies online study

Whether you are taking an online course or doing endless schoolwork, Math Solver can come in handy. It’s definitely worth adding it to your Edge toolbar.

Since most of the learning takes place online, these smart tools and features can make life easier for students. So if you are a student, it is worth exploring these websites and tools.

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