How to Open MBOX Files on MacOS or Windows


If you’re looking to forward your old emails to a new email address, or if you’ve ever needed to send someone a mile-long thread, MBOX files can be a simple and easy solution. flexible. MBOX files can be opened on MacOS, iPhone, Windows and Android.

What exactly are MBOX files?

MBOX files are a container for multiple compressed email files. The simple format is a great organizational tool for exporting and sending a large number of emails, while keeping attachments from those emails. MBOX files are a convenient and flexible file format that can be opened in any text editor, including Microsoft Notepad, Apple TextEdit, or GitHub Atom. They can also be opened through email client apps on macOS and Windows.

Here’s how to open MBOX files with Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Outlook.

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Open MBOX files in Mozilla Thunderbird

1. From the Thunderbird application, select Menu and choose Account settings.

2. When the Account settings the screen opens, click on Local folders to the left.

3. Under the Message storage header, select the Browse button in the lower right corner.

4. In the new pane that opens, navigate to the folder where you previously saved your MBOX file and click Select Folder. When Thunderbird asks you to restart, force it.

When Thunderbird reopens, your MBOX file will appear in the Local Folders section of your inbox and you can browse its full contents and attachments.

Open MBOX files in Apple Mail

1. On your Mac, open the Mail application.

2. In the Case menu, select Import mailboxes.

3. In the new pane that appears, select Files in mbox format in the list of options, and press Continue.

4. In the next window that appears, navigate to your previously saved MBOX file, select it and press Picking out.

5. In a new window, Apple Mail will confirm where you can find the newly imported MBOX file, and you can select Do to close the window.

How to open MBOX files in Outlook

The Outlook version of the MBOX file is the PST file. So, in order for Outlook to read your imported file, you need to convert it to PST first. We advise a little caution if you’re looking for an easier way around this common inconvenience. Less than reputable tools abound that promise to easily import content from your MBOX emails.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s own suite of apps includes a helper application for this, called Convert To Outlook. Eliminate potential privacy risks and stick to the genuine item.


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