How to install the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 right now


When Microsoft unveiled the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11, it let everyone know that the new store would also be coming to Windows 10. Today, Microsoft started pushing the new Microsoft Store to Windows 10 devices in the world. ‘Ring Insider Release Preview., While this limits official distribution to Insider devices for the time being, it’s an indicator that the Store will soon be available on stable versions of Windows 10.

Best of all, Windows 10 users who don’t want to wait can download the new Store app now and upgrade the existing Store to any supported version of Windows 10, including the stable version. A tweet from Rudy huyn, principal architect of the Microsoft Store, has confirmed the deployment of the new Microsoft Store.

The screenshot above shows the installation of the new Microsoft Store. The error was returned because the second package was not installed before running the command

Here’s how to get the store right now:

  1. Load in the web browser of your choice. I had trouble downloading packages with multiple browsers, but Firefox worked without a hitch.
  2. Switch to ProductID in the first field of the form on the page.
  3. Paste 9wzdncrfjbmp in the second field, the text field.
  4. Make sure RP is selected in the third field.
  5. Activate the check mark at the end and wait for the results on the same page.
  6. Locate Microsoft.WindowsStore_22110.1401.10.0_neutral_ ~ _8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle on the page and download it. It was at the bottom of the page every time I searched.
  7. Also download Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.7_7.2109.13004.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx, as you might need it.

Now that both packages are downloaded, it’s time to upgrade the Store.

  1. Open an elevated PowerShell prompt, such as selecting Start, typing PowerShell, and selecting the Run as administrator link.
  2. Run the command Add-AppxPackage -Path FullPathToTheMsixbundleFile, for example Add-AppxPackage -Path c: users marti downloads Microsoft.WindowsStore_22110.1401.10.0_neutral_ ~ _8wekyb3d8bbwe.msixbundle
  3. If you get an error, open the downloads directory and double-click the Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.7_7.2109.13004.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe.appx file, then try again.

The new Store is installed and you can test it by opening it right away.

new windows of microsoft store 10

The new Store has a different design, but more importantly, it supports Win32 programs, such as Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, or Sysinternals Suite, which you can now install directly from the Store. You can check out Ashwin’s review of the new Microsoft Store here for a full rundown of the new features.

A quick test of the download functionality passed. Win32 apps and programs can be downloaded from the new Microsoft Store running on a stable version of the company’s Windows 10 operating system.

Now you: Will you be using the new Microsoft Store? (via Deskmodder)


How to install the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 right now

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How to install the new Microsoft Store on Windows 10 right now

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Here are the instructions you need to install the new Microsoft Store on any recent version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system right now.


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