How to Find Emails in Gmail That Have Been Archived Tip 2022


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Check how to find emails in Gmail that have been archived

Gmail is a modern email service that eschews Microsoft Outlook‘s outdated email handling procedures in favor of a customizable branding system. With the help of Clean Email, a popular bulk inbox organizer with valuable automation capabilities, we’ll show you how to identify archived emails in Gmail and how to get the most out of Gmail’s tagging system. Messages from older email platforms, such as Microsoft Outlook, are organized into folders. The problem with this method is that each message can only belong to one folder.

Suppose you want to put all your work-related emails in a folder called “Work”, but you also want to prioritize your emails. Archived emails are deleted from your Gmail inbox and remain under the All Mail label until manually deleted. These emails are easily accessible in Gmail under the “All Emails” label. Gmail filters can also be used to quickly locate specific archived emails.

  • Click on the “All Messages” label located in the left sidebar of your Gmail account. If you see this tag, click “More” to view additional tags.
  • Locate the archived message among all displayed emails. Google displays all messages in the order they were received, and your archived message will not have the “Inbox” label applied.
  • Click on the archived message to open it and view the contents. You can also click the box to the left of the message, then click “Move to Inbox” to move the message from your archive to your inbox.

Final Words: How to Find Emails in Gmail That Have Been Archived

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