How to create a new Hotmail account or recover an old one you lost


Although Microsoft has left Hotmail in favor of Outlook for many years, the truth is, you can still create an account from that email and even grab an old one that you haven’t used for a long time. We tell you how you can get it.

Many people have used Hotmail for their e-mail for years. Well, although Microsoft switched to Outlook seven years ago, the truth is, we can still create accounts with this email.

But you can take it a step further and grab an account that we haven’t used for years and use it again right now.

This can be used to check emails for that account that are so old and revisit everything in it, something even the most nostalgic will love.

Create a Hotmail account

Oddly enough, the truth is, we can still set up a Hotmail account, a domain, by the way, which no longer has any priority for Microsoft.

The truth is, it’s not complicated at all, although it may seem like the opposite. Just follow a few simple steps:

We enter Later we will see how in the middle part we have a sign that says Create an account. Right below we see that you can write, well, what you have to do is create an account with whatever name you want, but it’s called You can also use the option Get a new email address. When you use this option, we will access a window where we will have a drop-down list for the domain we want to choose, in this case Now that we have the name of the Hotmail account, it’s time to give Following. At this moment, he asks us to put a the password. There is a tab at the bottom, where they tell us if we want to Get information, tips, and offers on Microsoft products and services, something that we mark or not, is indifferent, to the taste of each one. Click on Following. After entering the password, he asks us to tell him what are our first and last names. At this point, we press Following. The next thing is to put our Country or region, to then ask us for the day, month and year of our birth. After clicking again Following, we will see how to create an account it will ask us to solve a puzzle, to put a sentence or something similar. It does this, as you well know, to verify that we are not a Bot. When I let you pass you click on Following and that will bring you to a window where it tells us if we want to keep the session started. It is also something that everyone will choose the option that interests them the most.

At this point, we will already have a new, recently released Hotmail account.

This will also be associated with a Microsoft account and can be managed in the same way as we do with an Outlook account.

Recover a Hotmail account

We can retrieve an email from Hotmail that we already had before and thus be able to see everything that is saved in that account.

The way to do this is as follows:

We go to the page If we know the account and passwordIt’s as easy as putting them in when you request them and that way we will already be in our mail. If, on the contrary, we know the name of the account, but we forgot the password, because the steps are different. Once we have entered the account name, we will go to the password page where we need to click Forgot your password?

At this point we will see the methods by which we can recover the password, which will depend on how we configure the account at that time. That is, everything will depend on the amount of data that we complete in our profile of this Hotmail account.

We can choose how they will let us reset the password. You can get all the methods or just one of them, it will all depend, as we have already mentioned, on how you complete the information.

Code on cell phone

The option that is most often used is that they send us a code to the mobile, so we must have the same phone number only when creating the Hotmail account.

If so and it has been configured, just do the following:

We select Send a code to my phone then click on Send code. In a few seconds it will reach our smartphone. When we received it, we put it in the field Write the code then click on To send. From there, you just need to follow the onscreen instructions for the new password.

Email with a reset link

We can also use the option to reset the password via a secondary email that at the time we were using it as a security method.

If so, we should only:

When we select this option we will see that displays information with the details of the alternate account we had previously chosen. At that point we have to open the alternative account and follow the steps which marks said e-mail for the password to be reset.

Trusted team

If, at the time of having the Hotmail account, we designate another computer as the trusted computer, we will be presented with another option where we could use that device to retrieve mail.

We just have to do the following:

Click on Use my trusted equipment, to then click on Following. We write the New Password in the two fields which are now launched then click on Following.

Customer service

We can only turn to customer support and fill out a form to reliably specify that we are the account owners.

Anything we put in there will be reviewed by a team of Microsoft analysts, so that after a few days they will decide whether or not to allow us to recover the account.

To choose this way to try to receive our email again, you need to do the following:

Click on one of the previous options (mobile, team or link) then on I cannot use any of these options. We put the E-mail of the Hotmail account whose password we want to reset, in addition to a Alternate email address so that the specialized technical support team can contact us. Then click on Following. A form, which we must complete with all the information we can provide, then click on To send. We will receive confirmation that your form has been sent correctly, as well as the PIN code which will be the protocol number of the request. Technical support from Microsoft will respond to you within 24-36 hours.. So we won’t be able to do anything until then.

What if they don’t allow me to access my account at all times?

If you find yourself in the situation where when you put the name of your account it tells you that it does not exist and you are completely sure that it is said name, it could be that the policy change made by Microsoft in June 2019 on your property accounts such as Outlook, Hotmail, Live or Microsoft.

On that date, the company decided that. If an account was not active for two years, it would be closed as soon as that date was reached. East prerogative ended August 30, 2021Therefore, if we have not entered within two years of this date, by the time we try to access it, it will be closed safely.

We also have to keep in mind that Microsoft has not informed anyone when these two years are met, so the issue may be that the account is permanently deleted.

That is, it won’t let you in because your Hotmail account doesn’t really exist anymore.

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