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New Groopit app for Microsoft Teams transforms the way companies solve problems

SEATTLE, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Groopit, the leader in enterprise crowd resolution technology, today announced a new Groopit app for Microsoft Teams now available on the Microsoft Teams store.

The new Groopit app for Microsoft Teams transforms the way businesses solve problems. When leaders need to outsmart competitors, accelerate revenue growth, deliver better products, or solve a myriad of other strategic challenges, they often struggle because they don’t have the right information. Valuable information gets lost in Teams channels and conversations, polls are slow, and in-person meetings skew feedback toward those with the loudest voice. With Groopit, customer-facing employees can quickly share high-quality quantitative data without ever leaving their conversations in Microsoft Teams. Groopit brings together insights from employees working across different channels, locations, disciplines, and Teams systems, empowering everyone to make better decisions faster with real-time data.

As David Benjamin and David Komlos recently wrote in Fast Company: “The most important challenges facing leaders today are complex in nature. epidemic.” Solving these problems is difficult because existing technologies are not designed to collect and share real-time data from the front lines. New crowd-solving enterprise solutions like Groopit, combined with Microsoft Teams, now allow executives to get the real-time data they need to solve complex problems quickly.

Microsoft Teams brings together hundreds of millions of people, processes, and data to help employees thrive in a hybrid workplace. Groopit extends the power of Microsoft Teams with participatory resolution to transform the way employees come together to solve complex problems. For example, if your mission is to outsmart your competition, you need decision makers in all disciplines and at all altitudes to create competitive advantage. Groopit turns employees into active participants: sharing real-time competitive intelligence, viewing trends and anomalies, and using the information to inform their own decisions. As a result, distributed teams can now work together to create competitive advantage.

“We’re excited to bring the first and only crowd resolution solution to the Microsoft Teams store,” said wild tammy, CEO of Groopit. “With this launch, Groopit is transforming Teams into a problem-solving engine that helps leaders make better decisions faster with real-time employee data. Added the ability to share real-time structured data in the product world’s most popular collaboration tool will allow every Microsoft Teams customer to solve their toughest problems with confidence.”

Learn more about the Groopit app for teams and schedule a demo here.

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Groopit is the leading provider of crowd-solving software, a new category of enterprise SaaS software that is transforming the way people come together to solve problems. With Groopit, frontline employees share real-time data to illuminate an issue, and everyone involved is empowered to make better decisions, faster. To learn more about Groopit, visit Follow Groopit on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

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