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Check out the best spam filter plugins for MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients in the world. Despite the popularity, Outlook’s built-in spam filtering doesn’t attract much. As spammers use more and more innovative methods to bypass Outlook’s default spam blocker, your inbox can be attacked by all kinds of spam.

EOP anti-spam and anti-phishing technology is applied across our messaging platforms to provide users with the latest anti-spam and anti-phishing tools and innovations across the network. EOP’s goal is to provide a comprehensive and usable email service that helps detect and protect users from spam, phishing and malware.

To help reduce spam, EOP includes spam protection that uses proprietary spam filtering technologies to identify and separate spam from authorized emails. EOP spam filtering learns from known spam and phishing threats and user feedback from our consumer platform, Ongoing feedback from EOP users on the Spam Sorting Program helps ensure that EOP technologies are continually being trained and improved.

Best Outlook Junk Email Filter Addons


SPAMfighter has partnered with Microsoft to create this powerful spam filter for Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Thunderbird. There is currently no Mac version of Outlook, although the company appears to be working on it. SPAMfighter is a free and award-winning spam filter for Microsoft Outlook. SPAMfighter is also a Microsoft Gold Partner, working closely together to provide an excellent spam filter. If SPAMfighter is missing spam, you can update the SPAMfighter definitions with just one click.

The updated definition will eventually be disclosed to all other SPAMfighter users. Once installed, SPAMfighter protects all accounts on your PC (including Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird). When you receive an email, SPAMfighter automatically checks it. If it is spam, it goes straight to your spam folder. SPAMfighter blocks spam and protects against phishing, identity theft and other email fraud. You can report spam with a one-click alert that also removes you from the rest of the SPAMfighter community.


Spam Bully is a highly respected and comprehensive spam blocker. It uses artificial intelligence and spam blocklists to ensure that only the right emails get to your inbox. It detects links in phishing emails and provides detailed information about the emails it receives, including IP address, character set, and how Spam Bully decided to filter them. Personalize Spam Bully to recognize your contacts and establish controls over what is allowed and what is not.

SpamBully takes the crown as the top rated spam filter for Microsoft Outlook. It’s a premium spam filter, but it delivers great results by purging inboxes and keeping them clean. SpamBully offers a wide range of spam filters and Outlook blockers. Find out how you use your email, making sure only the right emails get to your inbox, even if you automatically delete spam without constantly updating your block list.

Mail washer

MailWasher uses Bayesian spam filters to detect spam and profanity and maintains a customizable list of blocked email senders. Check your email on the server with MailWasher to block spam before it reaches your computer. The program learns as you use it, allowing only the right messages to reach your inbox. MailWasher Pro includes updates, mobile version access, real-time spam blocker, and support. Use it on up to three computers.

MailWasher uses an automated learning system to find out what spam is in your inbox and what you should leave untouched. It has extensive filtering, which it uses in conjunction with customizable blacklists. The MailWasher interface is easy to use, allowing you to quickly sort out junk mail. Automatic account discovery also works well.


Spamihilator wins the best spam filter name award. However, it’s not just a fun name. Spamihilator is a free and useful anti-spam tool for Outlook that will keep your inbox clean. Once installed, Spamihilator sits between Outlook and your network connection, detecting spam before it reaches your inbox.

Spamihilator is a free tool that works between your Outlook inbox and the Internet, scanning every incoming message. A configuration wizard facilitates installation. Spamihilator runs in the background and claims a 98% spam recognition rate due to its Bayesian filter and unique spam filter. Personalize Spamihilator by adding user-defined words and phrases to your junk word list.

Spam reader

Spam Reader scans your inbox with impressive speed after installation. As soon as I opened Outlook, Spam Reader reported over 8,000 spam messages. It had scanned my existing junk mailbox, but also detected a large amount of junk mail hidden in my inbox. Spam Reader is located on the Outlook toolbar as shown in the image above.

Spam Reader is a free anti-spam add-on for Outlook. This add-in uses Bayesian algorithms and user input to detect and redirect up to 98% of spam that reaches your Outlook inbox. To make filtering more secure, Spam Reader uses a whitelist technique which ensures that messages from regular correspondents are not blocked as spam, even if the content appears to be spam. It supports Exchange, POP3, IMAP, and HTTP accounts.

Spam filter

SpamSieve offers one of the most powerful and popular spam filtering services for Mac and is compatible with operating systems from 10.7, with earlier versions of the software available for machines with 10.2 or newer. Although there is no iOS SpamSieve app, the desktop version can prevent spam from your mobile device’s inbox.

In addition to its adaptive learning capabilities which, like Spam Bully, allow you to change your behavior over time, SpamSieve also offers integration with a variety of clients, including Apple’s Mail app and Microsoft Outlook, in addition to the MacOS Contacts application to guarantee messages. are trustworthy. contacts are not accidentally marked as spam.

Clean up emails

One of the main advantages of Clean Email over previous spam filters on this list is its uptime. While Spam Bully and SpamSieve are only accessible on Windows and Mac respectively, Clean Email is available through your web browser in addition to dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Clean Email is designed to streamline the process of tidying up your inbox and removing spam. While its free features make it one of the best spam filter services, users can also pay to access a more comprehensive and powerful set of premium features.


Securence is a popular spam filtering service primarily aimed at small businesses, government and educational agencies, and businesses. Interested parties can set up a 30-day free trial on their website, after which they will receive a personalized quote based on the size of their business and the scope of their needs.

One of the important features of Securence for modern businesses is its business continuity service, which ensures that your organization will retain access to email even in the event of an unexpected loss of service. Avoiding downtime is more crucial than ever in such a connected time, and Securence is making it a top priority.

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