Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Facebook: How Much Did These Tech Giants Earn in Q3 2021?


Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are reporting big gains for their Q3 2021 revenue reports. Their earnings surprised many when they beat analyst estimates. All three also forecast an increase in profits and growth in stocks for the next quarter.

Many industries appear to have stabilized despite the current crisis, as evidenced by the performance of Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Investors were shocked to see huge growth rates comparable to markets before the 2018 pandemic. CNBC announced revenue growth for all three companies.

Microsoft share profits show 22% growth

Microsoft shares rose 2% last Tuesday after the company released its fiscal first quarter results. All the numbers have far exceeded the estimates of analysts at Refinitiv.

At a peak, the company’s earnings were $ 2.27 per share, $ 0.2 more than analysts’ forecast of $ 2.07. The company’s revenue was $ 45.32 billion, $ 1.35 billion more than analysts’ forecast of $ 43.97 billion.

The company’s total revenue grew almost 22% year-over-year, which is the fastest growth rate it has seen since 2018 revenue, at 21%. Microsoft reported net income of $ 20.5 billion, up 48%.

Microsoft has predicted that its second-quarter tax revenue could drop to between $ 50.15 billion and $ 51.05 billion. The global forecast has beaten the consensus of $ 48.92 billion among Refinitiv analysts.

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Apple profits soar despite supply shortage concerns

With its iPhone 13 and iPad 2021 selling intensively in the market, Apple has beaten Wall Street forecasts for its third quarter results. Its sales were initially 36% in the second quarter, but grew to 50% on an annual basis. Unfortunately, its shares fell 2% in extended trading.

Overall, Apple’s revenue was $ 81.41 billion, up 36% year-over-year. That’s significantly more than Wall Street’s prediction of $ 73.3 billion. CNBC has released a breakdown of its revenue by segment along with its respective forecasts.

  • IPhone revenue: $ 39.57 billion vs. $ 34.01 (forecast)
  • Mac revenue: $ 8.24 billion vs. $ 8.07 (forecast)
  • IPad revenue: $ 7.37 billion vs. $ 7.15 (forecast)
  • Service revenue: $ 17.48 billion vs. $ 16.33 (forecast)
  • Revenue from other products: $ 8.76 billion vs. $ 7.8 (forecast)
  • Gross margin: 43.3% vs. 41.9% (forecast)

Apple said its sales would have been better if it hadn’t suffered from supply shortages. This shortage caused a loss of $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion in income.

Facebook actions focus on increasing revenue

Surprisingly, Facebook shares rose in extended trading last Monday. Investors may have seen its potential with its third quarter earnings and earnings. The company also added $ 50 billion to its share buyback program, which saw the shares increase by 2%. Its quarterly report is as follows:

  • Profit: $ 3.22 per share
  • Revenue: $ 29.01 billion
  • Daily Active Users (DAU) 1.93 billion
  • Monthly active users (MAU): 2.91 billion
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): $ 10

It should be noted that the company is busy with the accusations of Frances Haugen, whistleblower and former employee. CEO Mark Zuckerberg disputed that “the reality is that social media is not the main driver of these problems and probably cannot solve them on their own either. We should want all the other companies in our industry to make the investments and get the results that we have. , “by CNBC.

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