[App Battle] Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge vs Safari: which is the best browser so far?



With the departure of Internet Explorer in the world of browsing, users now have a different option for a web browser. The popular browser is expected to end its service on June 15, 2022, but don’t worry as there are still other alternatives for IE.

Over the past few years, Google Chrome has been one of the most dominant browsing tools. Microsoft is slowly catching up on its Edge browser and Apple is continuing its service with Safari.

Considering these three browsers, let’s find out which one is the best among them all.


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[App Battle] Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge vs Safari: which is the best browser so far?

In terms of popularity, Chrome is considered the most used browser among Edge and Safari. It should be noted that some of these browsers lack the functionality of Google’s browser.

In the United States alone, Chrome is among the top five browsers that people prefer to use. On top of that, consumers prioritize the speed and compatibility of the app, whether using it on a computer or a phone.


Compatibility is what makes browsers more attractive to users with their seamless support for certain applications. So far, Chrome has achieved a compatibility score of 528. Microsoft Edge is behind, followed by Safari.

During the fall of Internet Explorer, other alternative browsers slowly rose through the ranks. This includes Firefox and Opera. At the time, IE scored 312, which is quite a far cry from the rest of the browser, according to the PC Mag report.

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One of the most reliable bases for users’ browser preferences is the speed of the application. The speed test for each tool is performed through the JetStream benchmark which is considered a “full browser performance benchmark”.

According to the report, the documentation indicates that this benchmark involves 64 tests that attack the speed of Internet applications based on Web Assembly and JavaScript. After testing it on multiple browsers, Chrome came out on top for the Windows 10 operating system.

On macOS, Safari takes the cake. For disk space usage, some Android based browsers like Opera have the potential to run loads of apps. The report wrote that Chrome normally runs 32-bit apps, but so far the tests are impressive for the 64-bit version.

Another factor to consider for these browsers is the ability to run multiple tabs at the same time. Users generally go for fast loading browsers which could open more apps for various purposes.

Privacy and Security

Browsers often prioritize usability and ease of use for users, but they still have a long way to go. Security and privacy, for example, is a standard that consumers should consider before choosing a browser.

Some browsers offer password synchronizations for faster entries. Chrome offers this feature on YouTube and Gmail.

Meanwhile, Safari and Edge offer fingerprint protection for better tracker prevention in terms of software and hardware areas. It is good to always choose a browser with a high quality privacy mode, as third-party tracking is ubiquitous on many websites.

Apart from the three web browsers, Firefox is also a good choice for desktop use as it has content blocking to prevent attackers and crypto-tracking trackers from invading the system.

What’s the best browser yet?

Overall, Google Chrome stands out as the best browser among Microsoft Edge and Safari. However, we want to see the company revamp their privacy changes for all users. If Safari and Edge want to do better than Chrome, maybe they could add more new features like stronger security and improved password protection.

Other web browser alternatives

If you want to explore more options besides Edge, Chrome, and Safari, Panda Security has listed the following as good alternatives for these browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Opera

  • Epic

For browsing the Android web, you can also use the DuckDuckGo privacy browser, which is effective in preventing ad trackers, Tech Times reported.

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