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Are you looking for a way to borrow money quickly without BKR review? Then you don’t have to look any further, because we have found the way to borrow money quickly without BKR testing! Namely, taking out a mini loan. Taking out a mini loan is the solution for people who want to borrow a small amount but have a note with the BKR, which means they are not eligible for a loan from the bank. Every bank will always request your information from the BKR, which means that it is often not possible to borrow money quickly from a bank.

Book your direct money payday loan now

If you take out a direct money payday loan through an online lender, the mighty Citrus North, the desired amount is in most cases paid the same day.

Relay quickly

A disadvantage of the mini loan is that in most cases it must be paid back to the lender within 45 days, if you are unable to do so, you often pay high fines for the installments that you are late. Many people often get into serious trouble because of these high fines and build up high debt, so it is certainly advisable to think carefully about the consequences of a mini loan. As long as you can repay the loan within the specified period, nothing is wrong.

Borrow a small amount

In short, you need a small amount within a short period of time, but you have a BKR listing? Then consider taking out a mini loan, but keep in mind that the borrowed amount must be repaid quickly. If that fails, high fines will be imposed that could potentially cause you serious problems.

Mini loan applications now deposited today

You can only request a mini-loan online where you have the choice to determine the amount (from 50 euros) and to set the term, this varies from 15 days to a maximum of 45 days. With some providers you also have the option of paying extra quickly, but this is not always possible, with some this is included in the application and with others, you can choose this as an extra (paid) option. To yourself or you want to incur additional costs to receive the mini-credit the same day.